These Two Altcoins Rise, Defying the Drops

Two Ethereum (ETH) based altcoin Despite the recent big drops, it broke the trends and surprised by recording a rise in price.

blockchain technology company Chain (XCN) The native token has gained 30% this week, from the low of $0.071 to as high as $0.091.

XCN, which has also become popular on CoinMarketCap, corrected its price after the rise and was trading at $ 0.088. Altcoin is currently ranked 50th (by market cap) on CoinGecko.

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Chain company CEO Deepak Thapliyal also came to the fore by encouraging developers who lost their jobs due to current market conditions to apply for jobs at his company.

This week, altcoin XCN has also been made available on Binance Smart Chain, Thapliyal reported.

“XCN is now available on Binance Smart Chain with liquidity incentives on PancakeSwap. Users can bridge their ERC-20 XCN using Huobi or Gateio as well as PortalBridge via Wormhole.”

Native token of CoinFLEX, a Hong Kong-based futures exchange platform FLEX Coin (FLEX), rallied over 33% from $3.72 to $4.95 this week. The altcoin, ranked 125th by market cap, was trading at $4.71 at the time of writing.

On Thursday, CoinFLEX’s stablecoin flexUSD rose to $1.09 and then dropped to $0.93 but the asset has since caught the expected stable of $1.00.

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