These Projects Might Be Raising Money Soon: Here’s the Airdrop Potential!

Airdrop has become an event that we have heard a lot of lately, and the business of officially distributing free money in the crypto money industry attracts the attention of many people, as can be expected.

This event, which was engraved in the memory of many crypto money investors with Uniswap, was later reinforced by the events of exchanges such as dXdY.

The projects in question are actually doing such events to reward loyal users, but many cryptocurrency investors have made it a habit to use many projects at first, with the possibility of airdropping.

So, which crypto money projects have airdropped in the coming dates and how much is the cost of the airdrops made until this date?

Projects with a Potential Airdrop

In fact, although Uniswap is on everyone’s minds, there have been airdrop events that have reached a higher value than this. Decred made a name for himself by distributing 258,000 DCRs. In addition, the Oyster project is known for distributing 2227 PRLs each. Minereum, on the other hand, broke a record $440,000 by distributing 32,000 MNE tokens.

Stellar, on the other hand, made an airdrop of $ 125 million.

At the beginning of the projects that are considered possible to make an airdrop in the coming dates, they are the funders and the active protocol. The decentralized NFT platform Infinity is one of them. The OpenSea-like protocol is controlled by the DAO.

In addition, zKSync, MetaMask and ZigZag Exchange, which have made a name for themselves recently, are also within the scope of projects that are considered to be certain to airdrop. Doruk İşmen also shared a detailed guide on this subject.

*Not Investment Advice.

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