These Important Developments in Altcoins Will Be Followed Next Week!

Cryptocurrency Altcoins remain relatively stagnant while the market is experiencing a strong rally. So what are the important altcoin developments this week and what are the important events to follow next week?

  • Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade date is set for April 12.
  • Ethereum, Securities declared in Kucoin Case.
  • CZ, $1 billion bailout fund BTC, ETH And to BNB announced its conversion.
  • Fears Circle will be exposed to bankrupt Silicon Valley Bank USDC It fell as low as $0.87. However, in the current situation, the price has recovered.
  • Lido Finance (LDO) stETH Withdrawals have been delayed for 2 weeks, expected to be finalized by mid-May.
  • BackedFi short-term treasury bonds ETF launched on Uniswap.
  • MakerDAO’s After the USDC crisis DAI recommendations for increasing resilience have now been implemented, including reducing the USDC daily mint limit and implementing a PSM Breaker.
  • Replicated Security feature in Cosmos on the air, and this feature is available from other chains ATOM It allows Cosmos to take over its security in exchange for its tokens.
  • Gearbox V3 announced. The update includes improved tokenomics, major protocol upgrades, and multi-chain plans.
  • Stargate Foundation, SGT V2 recommends rejecting the re-release proposal. If approved, they could face regulatory pressure as liquidators are likely to check wallet keys.
  • Euler It suffered a $191 million vulnerability attack, making it the sixth largest DeFi attack.
  • of DYDX The offer to reduce trading rewards by 45% was accepted on March 13.
  • On Uniswap BNB Chain went into operation.
  • of Shibarium, It has been announced that Rinia is facing allegations of copying the code base.
  • Supporting smart contracts and user programmability Filecoin Virtual Machine went on the air.
  • The SEC rejected the spot BTC ETF application made by VanEck.

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Next Week’s Major Altcoin Developments

  • 11.5% of supply Arbitrum going to users ARB The airdrop will take place on March 23.
  • RDNT V2 goes live in the next few days.
  • GMX, launches synthetics, which allows listing new assets.
  • starknet alpha v0.11.0 will be launched very soon.
  • GHO And crvUSD stablecoins are coming soon.

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