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Artificial intelligence (AI) is widely seen as one of the technologies expected to be groundbreaking in the coming period. This is also reflected in the cryptocurrency market, and artificial intelligence altcoin projects have become quite popular lately. Investors who have been in the cryptocurrency market for a long time liken this popularity to the explosion of decentralized finance (DeFi) in 2020 and NFT and the metaverse in 2021. An analyst with this idea was JrKripto, who is closely followed by the crypto money community in Turkey. While sharing his analysis about the AI ​​trend, the analyst shared 9 artificial intelligence altcoins with high goals in this area. Here are the details…

Artificial intelligence has become popular lately

Artificial intelligence (AI) holds great potential for many and has the ability to help us solve complex problems in new ways. This feature has been the driving force behind its popularity. Artificial intelligence has gained a lot of momentum lately, as evidenced by the recent investments by Silicon Valley giants like Microsoft, which supports AI-focused company OpenAI. The combination of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology opens up a world of possibilities for businesses and individuals alike.

Cryptocurrencies are seen as a way to leverage this technology as it allows investors to invest in projects using AI-powered solutions. In a Twitter series focused on artificial intelligence, JrKripto first touched upon what artificial intelligence is and analyzed what altcoins can do in this area. The analyst, who also included big data in his sharing, pointed out that AI is “a technology that allows machines to think and act like humans”.

Pointing to the benefits of these two areas, providing insight to institutions and businesses, the analyst also highlighted the potential for improving operations. As a result, the analyst shared his analysis of artificial intelligence altcoins, which he describes as “altcoins that are built on blockchain technology and use AI to power networks.”

Analyst drew attention to 9 artificial intelligence altcoin projects

After the general statement above, the analyst went deeper and shared 9 altcoins that he expected to rise. JrKripto has listed projects that “respectively expect the highest earning potential” as follows:

  • The Graph (GRT): The analyst pointed out that GRT is active in the web3 field, but also in the field of artificial intelligence. He thinks there is a possibility that GRT will rise to $0.52 from its current price of $0.088.
  • (FET): The analyst pointed out that he liked the team of this project very much and said that the coin could not exhibit the desired movements in the bull market in 2021. He predicts that the current price of $0.26 could go up to $1.5.
  • iExec RLC (RLC): The analyst refers to the third coin on his list, RLC, as “the leading provider of blockchain-based decentralized computing.” He predicts it will go up to $8 from its current price of $1.68.
Expect MATIC, LTC, XLM and ETH Levels
  • Ocean Protocol (OCEAN): About Ocean, the analyst points out that the project is quite dynamic and powerful. He points out that OCEAN could jump from $0.35 to $4.
  • SingularityNET (AGIX): In Singularity, the analyst especially emphasizes the importance of the “artificial intelligence market with global reach”. It points to the possibility of AGIX rising from its current level of $0.16 to $1.5.
  • Numeraire (NMR): The analyst about NMR, which operates in the field of AI and machine learning, expects an increase to $ 34 from the current level of $ 16.45.
  • dShipping (DKA): The analyst emphasizes that dKargo, which operates in the field of logistics, can bring innovation to the industry with AI.
  • Phala Network (PHA): The analyst points out that this network offers storage services in the field of cloud technology and Blockchain.
  • Covalent (CQT): Covalent, the AI ​​project serving in the field of data collection, has become the last AI coin on JrKripto’s list.

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