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Crypto expert Will Izuchukwu puts 9 cryptos on the watch list, consisting of 3 altcoin projects from different segments with analytic potential. We have prepared the expert’s selections for our readers.

Top 3 insurance altcoin projects to watch

Etherisc DIP Token (DIP)

According to Etherisc, it is developing a platform for decentralized insurance applications. Decentralized insurance protocol designed to collectively create insurance products. The technique called ‘GIF’, a Blockchain-based Framevaork, is the foundation of the Etherisc platform. The term ‘General Insurance Framevaork’ is shortened to ‘GIF’. Made from open source smart contracts that execute standard lifecycle processes for insurance products and policies. That’s why GIF supports a variety of insurance options.

inSure DeFi (SURE)

Users can guarantee their cryptocurrency portfolio by purchasing SURE tokens with fiat or other cryptocurrencies in the community-based insurance ecosystem known as inSure DeFi. By using insurance premiums, inSure is being made to share the ownership risks associated with a cryptocurrency liquidity pool. It determines the amount of capital required to support the risks at any given time, based on the price of SURE tokens in the market and the level of interest in insuring cryptocurrency portfolios in the community.

Wrapped NXM (WNXM)

NXM serves as the management token of the Nexus Mutual protocol. It is used to purchase insurance, vote in management elections, and take part in risk and damage assessments. It should be noted that only Wrapped NXM (wNXM) tokens are free to trade outside of the Nexus Mutual platform. Only the Nexus Mutual platform offers native NXM tokens. It also serves as a symbol of ownership over mutual capital and encourages capital investment. NXM’s value will increase with the mutual pool of capital.

Top 3 liquid staking derivative altcoin projects to watch


The true potential of PoS tokens is unlocked by pSTAKE, a liquid staking solution that increases the liquidity of staked assets. Token holders from PoS networks powered by pSTAKE can start issuing 1:1 pegged ERC-20 derivative tokens by investing their assets in pSTAKE, which can then be used in the already existing Ethereum DeFi Ecosystem to maximize revenue. Liquidity, usage etc. Depending on the variables, derivatives created today may eventually span several chains.

Stader (SD)

For custodians, exchanges, and individual crypto users, Stader develops middleware for key staking in various PoS networks. Stader creates highly modular smart contracts that allow third parties to use their own pieces to create unique solutions. Stader is currently developing an economic ecosystem to support the growth of local contracts for various Blockchains as well as solutions such as yield redirection style farming with rewards, liquid staking, launchpads, gaming and more.


StaFi (FIS)

StaFi is the first DeFi altcoin project to release the liquidity of staked assets. Users can stake PoS tokens through StaFi and receive exchangeable rTokens in return and continue to earn staking incentives. When users stake their PoS token using the StaFi rToken App, rToken is a synthetic staking derivative provided by StaFi to users. User staked PoS tokens and associated staking incentives serve as the basis for rTokens. At any time, rTokens can be traded and transferred.

Top 3 gaming tokens to watch

Carbon (CRBN)

Carbon is a social crypto hub that offers completely secure and decentralized social feeding, data storage and communication. The Carbon platform offers excellent rewards. Staking and content development are rewarded in a fun, gamified reward system. The altcoin project is creating its own games exclusive to Carbon under a domain called Carbon Play. Players can enter multiplayer games with CRBN tokens to earn more, including awesome bonuses! They’ve also integrated a great cryptocurrency portfolio tracker that lets you add custom transactions, paste wallet addresses, and view your balance.

My DeFi Pet (DPET)

My DeFi Pet is a lifestyle-oriented pet game that combines DeFi and NFT elements. The game has been compared to a Pokémon and NFT hybrid that is perfect for animal lovers. My DeFi Pet brings together DeFi, collectibles and your own personality. The altcoin project runs on a network using KardiaChain and BNB Chain. The game’s focus is on collecting, breeding and developing NFT collectible pets, each with a unique character.


CryptoBlades (SKILL)

CryptoBlades is an NFT production game. The altcoin uses BNB Chain. Since it is web-based, users have to play the game on the official CryptoBlades website. Players use powerful weapons to defeat opponents and collect SKILL tokens, which are then used to level up characters and upgrade equipment. The game’s roadmap also talks about an NFT market where players can promote the sale of the products they create and increase their revenue significantly. The goal of game designers is for players to regain control of their digital assets, participate in play-to-earn activities and accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology by the general public.

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