These 7 Altcoins Jumped!

Over the past day, popular coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, which are major cryptocurrencies with their market value, have experienced losses in the range of 3-4 percent. 7 altcoins, which are in the top 100 according to their market value, came to the agenda by gaining high values. We examine them as…

Most rising altcoin: Voyager Token (VGX)

The coin that gained the most value in the last 24 hours was the Voyager Token (VGX). VGX rose 22.43 percent. Voyager collaborated with Mastercard to launch the Voyager Debit card. Voyager Token is a cryptocurrency broker that provides investors with a reliable and secure access point to trading crypto assets. Voyager was built to offer both individual and institutional investors an almost instant solution for trading crypto assets.

Second, Elrond (EGLD) gained 17.19 percent, continuing its gains over the past week. Elrond recently gained momentum by launching a $1.29 billion liquidity incentive program aimed at attracting liquidity to the DeFi ecosystem. In third place is the CRO token of the exchange. came to the fore with its acquisition of the iconic Staples Center for major sports clubs. The name of this hall will change to on December 25th. The CRO gained 13.33 percent.

ZEC, FLOW, SCRT and ZEN also gained in value

In fourth place is privacy coin Zcash (ZEC), with a 13% rise. The ZEC price soared after the cryptocurrency’s main developer Electric Coin Company (ECC) announced that it will move Zcash’s protocol from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake in the next three years. Fifth, the FLOW token of Flow, an NFT-focused network, has gained 10.31 percent. Many artists continue to release their collections on the network. The last of these was John Orion Young.

In sixth place is Secret Network (SCRT), with an increase of 9.98 percent. Secret came to the fore as the network chosen for the NFTs to be created for the famous director Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction. On November 2, Tarantino announced that he would tokenize seven uncut script scenes for the critically acclaimed film as NFT in December 2021. NFTs will be built on the Secret Network. Finally, the ZEN token of Horizen, an interoperable blockchain system powered by a decentralized node infrastructure, has soared as much as 9.05 percent. The Horizen ecosystem has developed a program called BlazeSDK to enable companies to launch extremely fast and highly scalable Blockchain networks that meet real-world business needs.

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