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The events around FTX are leading altcoin investors to explore new blockchain sectors. In addition to DeFi and DEX platforms, privacy-focused projects are starting to attract attention. In this article, let’s take a look at which projects are highlighted by new research.

Here are the best privacy altcoin projects you can get on the radar

Safex Token (SFT)

Safex creates a network that enables e-commerce to use Bitcoins with greater privacy. This network provides new ways of using cryptocurrencies for shopping from all over the world. In a nutshell, it is an open-source, decentralized marketplace platform focused on privacy.

Safex’s marketplace uses Safex Token, which allows users to create accounts and create marketplace stores. In this way, it aims to give users control over their purchasing power.

Zano (ZANO)

Zano’s website says it’s a scalable and secure cryptocurrency for e-commerce. It makes blockchain an ideal choice especially for P2P transactions. Multiple signatures and private addresses help make transactions between Zano network users untraceable. Additionally, only authorized parties can access transaction data held on the Blockchain. Also, no private information is ever made public. The secrecy of all Zano transactions is hard-coded into the kernel. They have increased the privacy level of each user by hiding all sending and receiving addresses.

Findora (FRA)

Findora is a public blockchain with configurable privacy. However, it leverages the latest advances in zero-knowledge proofs and multilateral computing to provide users with transaction confidentiality with limited auditability. Findora’s proprietary product line offers the best decentralized security, high scalability and privacy solution for all smart contracts.

The best Solana ecosystem tokens

Zebec Protocol (ZBC)

Zebec, on the other hand, allows users to forward payments and distribute them every second. In its early days, it raised $21 million from industry heavyweights like Distributed Global and Coinbase. They are now introducing the world’s first on-chain payroll product with integrated full tax withholding and the first debit card for Solana wallets.

Marinade Staked SOL (MSOL)

The Solana Foundation supports, the first liquid staking protocol built on Solana. Users stake SOL tokens with Marinade, which uses automated staking strategies to assign SOL to validators. They then receive “stacked SOL” tokens, known as mSOL, which they can use in the DeFi world or exchange to repurchase the original SOL tokens at any time.

The price of MSOL increases relative to SOL and the stake under it benefits SOL. It is always possible to withdraw the SOL tokni instantly or after retracing the staking first with a drop-off. In secondary marketplaces, you can also trade directly at the prevailing rate between mSOL and SOL.

Solend (SLND)

Solend is the autonomous interest rate machine for lending in Solana. However, it can scale to be 100x faster and 100x cheaper on Solana. The primary goal of the altcoin project is to be the most user-friendly and secure option in Solana, as stated on its website. Using Solend you can do the following:

  • receive interest
  • Borrowing
  • Long-short Leverage
These 6 Altcoins Are On The Watchlist

Data from his site says that the total funds raised are $45.9 million, while those borrowed are $18.8 million. Users can earn interest using Solend due to the high return. They can also borrow 77 assets across 43 pools over the fastest, lowest fee and most scalable DeFi lending protocol. As we mentioned, Solend was one of the projects that came under fire after Solana’s depreciation.

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