These 5 Altcoins Got All The Attention With A 100% Rise!

Although this week has been quite bloody for the crypto industry, a few cryptocurrencies have certainly managed to turn this week in their favor. Especially with the rise of 5 cryptocurrencies, it attracted attention and attracted all eyes.

5 Altcoins Got A Lot Of Attention

At the top of the list is the decentralized network-focused XYO Network (XYO) is located. XYO network collects data anonymously, taking into account geographic information. XYO, the own cryptocurrency of this network, rose 285% from the 7-day low of $ 0.013 to $ 0.05, with an increase of more than 100%.

Cryptocurrency, which draws attention in the continuation of this, is Oasis Network (ROSE) it happened. The privacy-focused decentralized blockchain network also draws attention with its open-source nature. The leading cryptocurrency has gained 167% this week, rising from $0.12 to $0.32. ROSE, which experienced a slight correction after this, is still in a very good knoum.

Focused on collaboration across blockchain networks Quant (QNT) was another altcoin that came close to breaking a record. QNT once again rallied 124% to $427 and recovered quickly from its 7-day low of $190.

In the last two places, ALGO and VLX is located. ALGO, Thanks to the incoming funding news and development fund, VLX achieved a rise of 102%, while VLX achieved a 100% increase in a week and went from $ 0.09 to $ 0.18.

*It should not be forgotten that the coins that have experienced serious increases recently, although they are likely to continue these increases, they can also experience big decreases. For this reason, it is recommended to invest in such coins with a small amount of the portfolio using stop limit orders.

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