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The launch of the artificial intelligence bot ChatGPT-4 has once again been an igniter for AI coins. Is the AI ​​coin phenomenon mimicking meme coins, or is it some real fundamental growth that is driving these double-digit price spikes? Analysts dug deep into the crypto AI landscape and found 4 AI coin projects worth watching for their enormous growth potential. According to analysts, these 4 coins are a real early buy opportunity.

First AI coin: The Graph (GRT)

The first token, GRT, is a token with great potential. GRT is also part of the 50X monthly portfolio. This project has one goal: to make blockchain data more accessible. Graph is a decentralized, open-source protocol. It uses distributed ledger technology to collect data without involving third parties.

Therefore, Graph represents a global API for organizing, indexing and querying data. This data is processed and made available using the GraphQL programming language. Graph indexes and queries data through Google’s way of indexing and querying data from websites. Indexing blockchain data is not always an easy task. But Graph has a unique approach that makes it simple. Graph uses artificial intelligence to organize data into smaller ‘sub-graphs’ for efficient querying.

Subgraphs are open APIs. They have the details of how the data is indexed on the Blockchain. The chart was launched in 2018 by Brandon Ramirez, Yaniv Tal and Jannis Pohlmann. However, the project’s token was released during the main-net launch in 2020. Graph currently supports data ingestion for 31 Ethereum-based DApps. This includes Uniswap, Decentraland, AAVE and Balancer.

In second place is Oasis Network (ROSE)

Oasis is a layer 1 blockchain that places high value on scalability and privacy. This Blockchain enables developers to build privacy-focused apps. It separates the execution of smart contracts from the consensus mechanism process. It also offers a secure design with high throughput at low cost.

Founded by Professor Dawn Song, Oasis Labs is behind Oasis Network. Oasis Network aims to provide infrastructure to scale applications. In this way, it powers various Web 3 applications. Oasis Network creates DeFi applications and cross-chain interoperability. Users can migrate applications like Uniswap from Ethereum to Oasis Blockchain. This is possible thanks to the network’s backward compatibility with the Ethereum Blockchain.

We all know that there is a lot of hype about AI right now. But artificial intelligence can be risky if it violates users’ privacy. And give false information. That’s what Oasis plans to fix. Oasis plans to address possible AI privacy challenges. In this way, artificial intelligence becomes more ethical and safe. The bet at Oasis is that many developers will use this platform for its privacy features. The larger the crowd, the more valuable the ROSE.

Third AI coin: Render Token (RNDR)

The future undoubtedly requires advanced processing capabilities. The process is difficult and requires better analysis. Jules Urbac found a way to solve this problem. Developed Render Neywork to democratize GPU cloud rendering globally.

Render Neywork opens up great opportunities in Web3. It connects users looking for rendering jobs with people who have free GPUs to render them. Thus, users will receive RNDR, the network’s native service token, as payment for their contributions. Render powers the next generation of digital products in the metaverse. The project changed the procedures for rendering and streaming 3D environments. Render’s peer-to-peer (P2P) network is one of a kind. It enables individuals and organizations to use underutilized computing power cheaply and effectively.

Latest AI coin: Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)

The latest project is Ocean Protocol, a new AI coin. The project plans to make data accessible to everyone. In this way, it reduces the monopolistic dominance of companies in data and artificial intelligence. Ocean Protocol enables transactions using ERC-20 smart contract tokens.

Therefore, Ocean Protocol also offers data governance and promotes network expansion. The platform ensures that every step is a step towards decentralization. The OCEAN token plays a big role in the protocol. It allows users to claim data for improvement, purchase and sale of data.

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