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Among these 3 potentially explosive altcoins available for purchase in 2023, each has lost more than 80% in the last year. We have compiled the consulting giant’s views on these altcoins for you.

Looking for the safest investments

The general economic woes over the past year have crushed many of the world’s most promising cryptocurrencies. This is because in times of uncertainty, investors tend to opt for the safest investments. Cryptocurrency is fairly new and it is too early to know exactly how big its role will be in areas like finance and entertainment a few years from now.

Today’s troubles have not changed the investment situation for cryptocurrencies. A gamer with a solid platform and future prospects a year ago remains equally compelling today. But in most cases, it trades at a much lower price and offers explosive gain potential.

These 3 altcoins could offer explosive gains


Avalanche (AVAX) stands out in the sea of ​​cryptocurrencies in two big ways. This altcoin is fast and compatible with the market-leading blockchain Ethereum.

Avalanche can perform an infinite number of transactions per second. Each transaction is completed in less than two seconds. By comparison, Ethereum processes around 14 transactions per second. Avalanche’s speed results in less network congestion and cheaper transactions.

Consulting Giant: These 3 Altcoins Could Deliver Explosive Profits!

Here is another reason why users flock to Avalanche is the Ethereum Virtual Machine. This is Ethereum’s software for creating decentralized applications (dApps) and can run on Avalanche. Many developers are used to building on Ethereum. As such, they will love the fact that they can continue to use a platform they know well on a faster, cheaper blockchain.

The Avalanche bridge makes it easy to transfer assets from one blockchain to another. Today there are more than 300 projects on Avalanche. Avalanche has dropped 89% last year, making it poised to rise quickly on any positive news.


Cardano (ADA) has slowly but surely developed its capabilities with a peer review system to ensure the quality of every update to the system. As a result, users have been able to rely on Cardano working without major disruptions.

Cardano rolled out its smart contract features in 2021. This opened the door to dApp development, a crucial step for any blockchain hoping to redefine the way it does business. Then, last year, Cardano completed the Vasil hard fork to increase scalability, stability, and the overall environment for dApp development.

Consulting Giant: These 3 Altcoins Could Deliver Explosive Profits!

Software developers are working on hydra heads. The idea is to process transactions in these mini ledgers on the main chain. This will increase the speed of transactions and reduce congestion. In fact, early research showed that each head could process up to 1,000 operations per second.

According to a report by Electric Capital, full-time monthly active developers on Cardano increased by 16% last year compared to the previous year. All this can support big gains for Cardano to move forward.


Algorand (ALGO) has become much faster lately. An upgrade last fall increased transactions per second from just over 1,000 to 6,000. But there are plenty of other reasons to love this dynamic crypto player. Many cryptos use proof of stake to verify transactions. This includes selecting validators based on their holdings of cryptocurrencies.

But Algorand’s founder has created a new system, called pure proof proof, that adds a random selection component to the model in question. This provides security, scalability and decentralization. These are the three features that can help Algorand stand out and count among the safest platforms over time.

Consulting Giant: These 3 Altcoins Could Deliver Explosive Profits!

Finally, Algorand is built in a way that makes it an ideal platform for NFTs. This is because bifurcation cannot occur in Algorand. This means that the blockchain cannot be split into new versions. Forks are risky for NFTs because they can cause duplication or depreciation of the NFT. Therefore, there are reasons why NFT creators and buyers prefer Algorand.

Like Avalanche and Cardano, Algorand fell into double digits last year. However, these drops do not reflect the potential of these crypto players. They still have what it takes to grow and attract users. This could lead to huge gains from today’s levels.

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