There was an earthquake felt in Istanbul!

Today, a severe earthquake occurred in Istanbul and surrounding cities at night. After the subject, first statements were made from relevant institutions such as the Kandilli Observatory, AFAD and the Ministry of Interior. Here are the details…

Scary earthquake in Istanbul! Epicenter Duzce

The Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute pointed out the Sarıdere-Gölyaka district of Düzce as the epicenter for the 6.0-magnitude earthquake that occurred in Düzce at 04:08 today, at a depth of 10.6 km. You can see its exact location in the image below.

Location shared by Kandilli Observatory

It has not yet been clarified whether the damage occurred as a result of the earthquake, whether there were injuries or loss of life. It was shared that the relevant institutions, especially the Ministry of Interior and AFAD officials, went to the epicenter of the earthquake.

Kandilli Observatory data

What to do during an earthquake

  • Unfixed cabinet, shelf, window, etc. items should be avoided.
  • A triangle of life should be created by squatting under a table supported by solid chairs, if any, or next to items that can provide protection, such as a full and bulky armchair, sofa, and a full chest.
  • The head should be taken between the two hands or protected with a protective material (pillow, book, etc.). It should be held in this position until the shaking subsides.
  • Find a safe place and A LOT, To protect your head and neck TRAPPING, a stable place to avoid falling. TOBACCO
  • Do not run towards stairs or exits.
  • Do not go to the balcony.
  • Do not jump from balconies or windows.
  • Absolutely no elevator should be used.
  • Telephones should not be used other than to report emergencies and fires.
  • Matches, lighters should not be lit, and electrical buttons should not be touched.
  • If we are in a wheelchair, the wheels should be locked and the head and neck should be protected.
  • In places where there are work tools such as kitchen, workshop, laboratory; cookers, ovens and similar devices should be turned off, and materials and substances that may spill should be avoided.
  • After the shaking has passed, the electricity, gas and water valves should be turned off, stoves and heaters should be turned off.
  • By taking other security measures, necessary goods and materials should be taken, and the building should be left from the previously determined road and go to the assembly area.
  • In the classroom or office at school, a solid desk, under or next to the table; in the corridor, next to the wall to form a life triangle. CROSS-SHUT-HOLD head and neck should be protected.
  • Avoid windows and glassware.

AFAD Emergency Call application against natural disasters is published

AFAD Emergency Call application against natural disasters is published

Disaster and Emergency Management (AFAD) Presidency, affiliated to the Ministry of Interior, introduced its new application for use in natural disasters.

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