There Are Less Than 1 Million Tokens!

Thanking the members who have been with the team from the beginning of the project to date, and those who participated in the first and second phase token sale, Cadalabs successfully distributed Cala tokens to the first and second phase contributors. The Cadalabs team allocated 25 million tokens to be sold during the pre-sale phase and successfully sold 24 million of them. For the final phase of the project, 1 million tokens are left.

About Cadalabs

Cadalabs is a community-driven NFT DeFi platform that creates an NFT Minting Dapp on the Cardano network to enable digital art collectors to NFT print their works and connect with vendors to trade seamlessly in the future. The CADALAB team developed the utility token called CALA Token, which enables the community to engage in governance issues. Also, by holding the CALA token, users can manage creators, vote on proposals, share their tokens to earn and curate featured artworks. The CADALAS protocol aims to further enter the non-fungible token industry and in the process help digital content creators, artists, and art collectors meet on a digital platform.

Application of CADALABS Token (CALA)

  • Tokens will be available in staked and unstacked forms. Staked tokens will provide users with platform functionality.
  • It powers the Democratized Autonomous Platform (DAP), enabling users to participate in corporate decisions and shape the product roadmap.
  • It allows owners to purchase physical and virtual goods, content and services in a decentralized market.
  • It rewards digital content creators who produce measurable value, determined by community consensus.
  • It shares ad revenue with users who choose to see the ads. By purchasing more tokens, users can earn a larger portion of the revenue they generate.
  • Allows payment for profile verification.

Features of the ecosystem

  • Created for digital creators: CADALAB builds a bridge between traditional art creators and Blockchain technology.
  • Ease of use: The CADALAB ecosystem will be completely user-friendly so any creative person can create and sell their own NFT.
  • CADALAB DEX: Offers decentralized automated exchange designed between any currency.
  • Stake & Earn (coming soon): With CADALAB, users will also be able to stake and earn rewards.
  • Optimization for scalability: The Cadalabs ecosystem will be simple and transparent, providing users with security at all times.
DOGE, BNB, DOT, VET and NFT Forecasts

How can you participate in the third phase of the CALA Token sale?

The third phase sale of CALA Token continues for interested investors to buy and become early adopters. You can buy CALA Tokens from this link. The social media platforms of Cadalabs are as follows:

  • Website:
  • Twitter:
  • Telegram Group:
  • Medium:

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