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Today, a series of developments were on the agenda, from the rumors that Genesis will declare bankruptcy in May, to the new listings of Floki and Shiba. In this article, let’s list the hot developments of the day from FLOKI and 15 altcoins.

Floki opens digital store Shop Floki

Popular meme coin Floki (FLOKI) has announced the launch of its digital store, Shop Floki. Announcing the store, the team said that commercial stores will allow users to purchase unique items and fashion pieces for personal use and pets.

BitGo-Polygon partnership

Polygon has partnered with BitGo to provide staking capabilities to MATIC holders. With the latest partnership between Polygon and BitGo, MATIC holders will have wallet and storage facilities. MATIC holders on ERC-20 Blockchains can also earn rewards by staking their tokens.

Latest developments from the Ripple-SEC case

The long-running legal battle between Ripple and the SEC is nearing its end. Senior US defense attorney James K. Filan tweeted today that “everything has been briefed” on the case as of January 19, 2023, to his more than 138,000 followers. This development shows that Ripple and the SEC have made the necessary applications, including motions for summary judgment and motions to seal all material related to summary judgment motions.

Cardano emerged as the most popular Blockchain in Africa

A Coin Kick-off report using data from social media platforms and Artificial Intelligence (AI) analytics to rank cryptocurrencies according to users’ emotions, Cardano’s is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Tunisia and other parts of the world, including Switzerland and Puerto Rico. proved to be the currency.

Worldwide, Ethereum and Solana are ranked as the most loved cryptocurrencies. The report claims that its smart contracts and decentralized finance (DeFi) applications contributed to the results. According to data from the Pew Research Center, people are using these platforms as an alternative to traditional investments.

Meanwhile, Cardano developers Tim Harrison shared the details of the update, which includes a host of features from the network’s cross-chain interoperability to application development. According to the announcement, Cardano’s core digital signature algorithm Ed25519 will be powered by ECDSA and Schmitt. This algorithm is also used in Monera and XRO. The update is expected to be implemented on February 11 and end on February 14.

SOL becomes the fastest growing developer ecosystem

Solana stated on his official Twitter account that it is the fastest growing developer ecosystem according to Electric Capital’s Developer Report. According to the report, which aims to measure developer activity in the Web 3 space, Solana is the fastest growing ecosystem, surpassing a total of more than 2,000 developers in 2022.

Meanwhile, SOL’s vertical movements were rather lethargic from mid-November to late December. However, with the start of January, SOL gained momentum above $20.

MakerDAO will hold $500 million of GUSD in reserve

The MakerDAO community has launched a vote to determine whether to keep GUSD in reserve. Gemini’s recent problems have resulted in this governance vote for its stablecoin. The latest voting statistics show that MakerDAO will hold approximately $500 million in GUSD in reserve.

The proposal includes three results for Gemini’s stablecoin. The first is to hold the entire reserve of about 500 million GUSD. The second is to reduce exposure to 100 million. The third and most drastic option is to completely remove GUSD from MakerDAO’s reserve.

listing news

Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange BingX has announced the listing of Bone ShibaSwap (BONE) from the Shiba Inu ecosystem. BingX announced that it listed BONE as spot and added BONE/USDT in beta on January 18, 2023. Deposit and withdrawal services are available from January 18.

In another listing news, Storepay announced that its native token SPCFIN was officially listed on the global cryptocurrency exchange AscendEx as of December 28. SPCFIN trading is currently possible on AscendEX.

Announcements and partnerships

  • Stablecoin company Paxos has offered to pay decentralized finance giant MakerDAO a flat fee for holding up to $1.5 billion in Pax USD (USDP) stablecoins in its reserves. According to a proposal posted on Maker’s management forum on Thursday, Paxos has asked MakerDAO to increase the maximum amount of USDP, also known as the debt ceiling, from $450 million available in the Peg Stability Module reserve system, which supports Maker’s value, to $1.5 billion.
  • Web3 social platform creator Plai Labs has raised $32 million in an initial funding round led by crypto investment firm a16z. Founded by former executives of gaming company Jam City and social platform Myspace, the company aims to combine Web3 with artificial intelligence to create a unique digital social experience.
  • Aptos Network announced its integration with Moralis, the Web3 scaling solution platform. The partnership aims to enable developers to build and deploy dApps at scale across the Aptos network.

The SushiSwap (SUSHI) team has released its 2023 roadmap, which includes NFT and DeFi plans. The announcement shared by the Founding Head Chef on his Twitter account includes details of new Sushi projects in various fields.

  • The SEC has accused crypto lender Nexo of failing to record the offer and sale of its Interest Earning Product (EIP). Nexo agreed to pay the SEC a $22.5 million fine and an additional $22.5 million by state regulators to cover similar charges. Nexo started offering its Interest Earnings Product to US customers in June 2020.
  • LUNC is on the verge of a critical delay before it can resume Binance token burn activities. For Binance to continue with the Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) burns, proposal 11310 for the upgrade to v1.0.5 must pass the vote.
  • As we reported, $ 17.9 billion XRP token will be unlocked this year.

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