The World’s Oldest Living Cat Has Been Recorded!

The cat named ‘Flossie’ living in the UK has become the oldest living cat in the world. Flossie is currently living with its fourth owner.

While the average lifespan of cats is 12 to 18 years, we can of course come across some rare examples of longevity, as in humans. One of the closest pet friends of people is today with its long life. into the Guinness Book of Records managed to enter.

living in the UKFlossie‘ female cat, full 26 years 329 days He was named the “oldest living cat in the world”. Flossie’s lifespan, converted to human years, is roughly 120 years.

Flossie’s life is also full of tragedies:

Flossie was born near a hospital in 1995. Flossie, who was spending time around the hospital with her pup friends at the time, was later adopted by a hospital employee. Flossie lived with her first owner for 10 years, but owner died.

Flossie, who was later adopted by a different person, lived with her new owner for 14 years. But Due to the death of the second owner lost. Flossie, now 24, is now owned by her second owner’s son.

oldest living cat

But Flossie’s second owner’s son decided to adopt the cat to a different person. Because Flossie is old now. required extra attention and care. Its new owner is the current owner, Vicki Green. According to the information shared by Vicki, Flossie is still in good health despite her age.

Although Flossie is the oldest living cat, it is still far from earning the title of ‘oldest cat’. The holder of this title was born in Texas in 1967 and lived until 2005. reaching the age of 38 years and 3 days It remains Creme Puff.


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