The world of technology has called for social media law!

The fact that the world of social media is too much in our lives brings with it many positive and negative consequences. This time too twitter, Facebook and Google representing technology giants such as based in Washington Two groups made an urgent application.

The purpose of this application is to prevent social media companies from removing posts based on a user’s political ideology. Texas law to obstruct. According to the application, the law allows the internet and businesses to irreparable does damage.

The response to Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, was not delayed!

After Musk announced that the deal to buy Twitter was suspended, a statement came from the Twitter CEO.

Law risks causing ‘irreparable harm’ to businesses

Texas law, which was blocked last year, passed on Wednesday. 5th District Court of Appeal Re-established by The Court of Appeals case was largely successful against efforts by Republican state leaders to regulate the content moderation policies of social media companies. one

According to a statement NetChoice and Computer and Communication Industry Association (CCIA) The filing argues that the law is unconstitutional and risks causing ‘irreparable harm’ to businesses.

NetChoice consultant Chris Marchese It said in a statement that the law ‘deprives private online businesses of their right to speak, prohibits them from making certain constitutionally protected decisions, and forces them to promote objectionable content’. In addition, Marchese added: “We hope that the Supreme Court will overturn this case as soon as possible. And we firmly believe that this law is ultimately unconstitutional.” CCIA President Matt Schruers made the following statements.

No online platform, website or newspaper should be directed by government officials to make a specific speech. While opinions differ on whether online platforms should host points of view such as hate speech or Nazi propaganda, the First Amendment leaves that choice to private citizens and businesses, not bureaucrats. one

Legal professionals and technology groups are aware that such laws First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution argued that it was unconstitutional. They also warned that they could make it harder for companies to remove harmful and hateful content.

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