The woman who swallowed AirPods instead of medicine recorded her stomach sound!

Social media phenomenon living in Boston, Massachusetts, USA Carl Bellmerinstead of painkillers mistakenly AirPods swallowed. Bellmer, who conveyed the details of the event to his followers in a video he shot, went viral in a short time and left more than 2 million people speechless.

The 27-year-old phenomenon, who has 3,200 followers on his TikTok account with the nickname @iamcarliiib, is very similar in size to AirPods after getting into bed. Ibuprofen He said he wanted to take the painkiller named. Stating that she swallowed the headset with a momentary heedlessness, Carli Bellmer said that AirPods, which are actively connected to her iPhone, for a while. in his stomach he toured.

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He threw the sound he recorded with the AirPods in his stomach to his friend

Carli Bellmer, those moments “I had Ibuprofen 800 in one hand and the left AirPod in the other. I took a sip of water from my bottle, then realized that what I was drinking was not a pain reliever.” conveyed in his words. Describing in the video that she accidentally swallowed the headphones while crying, the young woman said, “I’m losing my mind,” adding that she tried to vomit, but could not remove it despite her efforts.

The TikTok phenomenon, who constantly shares about the AirPods in his stomach, shared the audio recording he took with the headphones. The AirPods Carli Bellmer swallowed while calling a friend with her iPhone were still attached to her phone. Realizing this later, Bellmer had to make his friend listen to the rumbling sound from his stomach.

Accused of lying by his followers

This strange event that took place divided the witnesses into two. Stating that she was not the first person to accidentally swallow AirPods, and that she would not be the last, Carli Bellmer stated that she wanted to share her experiences with others, although she received support from the majority of her followers, but there were also those who were skeptical of what she told.

Carli Bellmer answered questions from her followers about the AirPods she swallowed.

A follower of Bellmer “How could you mix Ibuprofen with AirPods?” He said he had a hard time believing it. By making such irrational claims, trying to gain fame There were also accusations. another user, “Ibuprofen 800 is huge. That’s why it’s natural to think it’s AirPods with instant distraction.” He supported the phenomenon with his words.

Carli Bellmer was able to remove the AirPods she swallowed by defecating. With the X-ray he took, he confirmed that the headphones were no longer in his stomach.

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