The winner of Intel Monsters Reloaded 2022, the esports tournament of the year, has been announced!

Organized in cooperation with Monster Notebook and Intel, Intel Monsters Reloaded 2022 tournament, which esports lovers follow with enthusiasm all over the world, ended with a big event and breathtaking matches after a four-month marathon.

Intel Monsters Reloaded 2022 tournamentfinals were breathtaking

The most ambitious esports organization of the year, held in Istanbul Beyoğlu, Grand Pera Emek Stage, in addition to the final matches, Monster Notebook Soundtrack Orchestra, KAMUFLE concert, one of the important names of Turkish Rap, Cosplay shows, Monster Notebook experience stands, 360-degree videos and artificial intelligence (AI) hosted various entertaining events such as robots.

The finals, which attracted great interest from game lovers, were also broadcast live to thousands of viewers on social media. At the end of the finals, where 2 teams from Turkey, 1 team from Germany and 1 team from the United Arab Emirates competed fiercely, the Eternal Fire Academy team lifted the cup. Approximately 565 thousand TL worth of prizes were distributed from the prize pool of the tournament.

How did e-Sports originate and evolve?

How did e-Sports originate and evolve?

The world of e-Sports creates a source of income for people who have become professionals in various games. So how did E-Sports come about?

Organized by Monster Notebook and Intel, the finals of the Intel Monsters Reloaded 2022 esports tournament took place at the Grand Pera Emek Stage in Beyoğlu, Istanbul.

In the most ambitious esports event of the year, which was held for the first time physically after the pandemic, the final matches were watched on the big stage by hundreds of gamers, and were also broadcast live to the whole world via social media.

The event, which attracted great interest from game lovers, turned into a big esports festival with various actions such as cosplay shows, experience areas where Monster Notebook products and accessories were introduced, artificial intelligence (AI) robots with 360-degree rotation. In the event, mini-tournaments were also organized for the participants, and various accessories were presented to the winners of the game.

One of the important names of Turkish Rap, who took the stage between the final matches. CAMUFLE, With his 64-line piece he created as part of Red Bull 64 Bars, he attracted great attention from young people. Successfully performing epic soundtracks on the main stage before the matches Monster Notebook Soundtrack Orchestra won the appreciation of all viewers.

The finals were hosted by Özgür “Root” Alagül and Berke “Vlad” Kantürk, while the commentators of the match were Anıl Can Başaran – GTRST and Space Berkan Köse – UBEKA.

Eternal Fire Academy has lifted the trophy!

Esports fans from Turkey, who joined the fight that started in June, in CS: GO, FORTNITE and PUBG tournaments; Participants from Germany and Gulf Arab Countries competed in the CS: GO tournament.

CS:GO finals from Turkey Eternal Fire Academy and securitasfrom Germany TouchTheCrown and from the United Arab Emirates B6a Rhymesteams took place. At the end of breathtaking struggles Eternal Fire Academy reached the championship.

In addition to being a global esports event, Intel Monsters Reloaded 2022, where teams from different countries meet each other and develop the esports ecosystem, attracted close to 5 thousand esports players this year. In addition, this year in the tournament, approx. 565 thousand TL worth of prizes were distributed to the teams.

Göktuğ Okan Oğuz: “As Monster Notebook, we are always with the players”

Göktuğ Okan Oğuz, Deputy General Manager of Monster Notebook Sales and Marketing“As Monster Notebook, we finally turned the Intel Monsters Reloaded 2022 finale into a physical feast on the way we set out to bring together the gamers who were at home during the pandemic period. As Monster Notebook, we invest in esports and want to make players feel that we are on their side.

We are proud to leave our third tournament behind in this step we have taken towards building a gamer and esports community. With our partner Intel, we wanted to organize our own tournament instead of sponsoring an existing event. When I look at the excitement and participation experienced today, I see that we have reached a happy result.

As one of the most beloved actors of the Turkish gaming ecosystem, we again held one of Turkey’s most ambitious, longest-running tournaments with the largest prize pool. On behalf of Monster Notebook, I would like to express my gratitude to the players who followed the tournaments by participating in Intel Monsters Reloaded, and to all our stakeholders, especially Intel, who supported the realization of this tournament.”

Intel Monsters Reloaded aims to provide the excitement of esports to players of all levels, whether amateur or professional.

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