The war is about to reach a dangerous level of escalation – but it is too early for the NATO alliance

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Those who commit more and more war crimes do not want to negotiate.

(Photo: AP)

Ironically, on the day when the G20 group of states met in Bali, the representatives of the 20 most important countries, Russia launched the heaviest air strikes on Ukraine – and presumably also with two rockets in a place seven kilometers from the Polish-Ukrainian border Two people killed in NATO country Poland. The war is about to escalate to a dangerous level.

This is Moscow’s response to the devastating defeat at Cherson: Russian troops had to retreat east across the Dnipro River, and Russia’s army had to watch helplessly as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky hoisted the Ukrainian flag in the only major Ukrainian city previously occupied by Russia . In addition, in a city that has been declared Russian territory.

Anger and rage mixed with glossed over incompetence and exposed helplessness have led to Russia’s most massive attack on civilians and civilian (energy and agricultural) infrastructure to date.

Vladimir Putin is unable to ensure that his disastrously resourced army, plundered by rapacious bureaucrats and eaten up by corruption, turns a profit on the battlefield.

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Contrary to the pithy sayings from the Kremlin and above all from Putin’s paramilitary environment, Moscow’s soldiers have to withdraw time and time again. Defenseless villages, cities only protected by too few western air defense systems and now even border areas to NATO fall victim to his furious anger.

Send unmistakable signals to the Kremlin

The Kremlin must now be made absolutely clear that the world will no longer accept its aggression and aggressive war.

Alleged explosion site in eastern Poland

According to Polish media reports, the explosion happened at 15:38.

It is still too early to declare a NATO alliance. Especially since it should first be clear beyond any doubt that the dead in Poland were victims of targeted Russian attacks and did not die when missile debris fell on a Polish village, debris from Russian attack missiles launched through Ukraine.

But even the toughest representatives of the peace movement and pacifism must now realize that we are dealing with a country that, instead of struggling for solutions and compromises at the G20, is fighting ever more aggressively far away from the negotiating table.

Those who, like Putin and his foreign minister Sergei Lavrov, talk about negotiations, while at the same time sending more and more soldiers to the front and attacking civilians with increasing aggression and thus committing more and more war crimes, do not want to negotiate. He wants to lull the other side, divide them and stick to his declared goal of wiping Ukraine off the map.

These Tuesday incidents are a wake-up call. A wake-up call to finally quickly equip Ukraine with much-needed air defense systems and to give it the necessary tanks and missiles to push Russia back.

Arms supplies to Ukraine are needed now more than ever

Anyone who wants a quick end to this war must enable Ukraine to hit Russia’s army hard and drive it out of the country. And NATO should make it unmistakably clear to Moscow what will happen if NATO territory is hit. Putin can tell from the state of his military how such a conflict would turn out.

Preventing him from further adventures by clearly showing possible consequences – that is the principle of deterrence. At the same time, however, further Ukrainian successes on the ground are a necessary prerequisite for real negotiations. Otherwise Moscow only uses talks to gain time for its re-munitions.

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