The US’s Nuclear Weapons-capable GHOST Bomber

A new one has been added to the stealth planes that cannot be caught even with advanced radar systems. The B-21, a new generation strategic bomber produced by the American company Northdrop Grumman, made its debut.

According to the news quoted by the Wall Street Journal, the United States has unveiled a new stealth bomber to be included in the air navy. Some B-21 Raider, whose important technical features are kept secret The US company Northdrop Grumman designed and produced the aircraft. According to the information obtained, this aircraft, like the previous models of the company, can last for decades.

able to access top speed and maximum range information It is possible to say that the images given at the introductory meeting, where the unshared aircraft was showcased, do not contain much detail. The pilots of these planes, whose photographs are published only from certain angles, are carefully selected and trained by the US military and are kept secret.

It made history as the world’s first 6th generation aircraft:

Making a statement at the introductory meeting, Kathy Warden, CEO of CEO Northrop Grumman, said that at least 100 units of the B-21, which has advanced artificial intelligence-based electronic systems and data processing capability, will be produced. to the explanations One B-21 costs $700 million finds it. This means that at least 100 units will be produced. 700 billion dollars shows that it will cost.

It is known that the USA has allocated 1 trillion dollars for nuclear deterrent systems against the threat of China. The B-21 is also said to be a part of this deterrent systems project. 100 if there is no other source that has not been disclosed to the public The B-21 Raider alone accounts for 70% of the $1 trillion budget. spends.

The first test flight of the B-21 will be held in 2023, it will participate in operations in 2026-2027:

The first test flight of the B-21, of which 6 prototypes have been produced, will be made in 2023. According to the Independent’s report, military analysts say that the B-21 may take part in military operations in 2026-2027.

The ancestor of the B-21, the B-2 Spirit, which most of us remember from movies-games, was designed in 1987 and appeared in military operations in 1997:

The B-2 Spirit will now be replaced by the B-21 Raider:

b21 raider

…When we see the B-21, we don’t even think about when it will be time for those planes in Star Wars:

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