The USA is involved in Nvidia’s ARM process

Nvidia last year ARM, but this acquisition of the company needs to be approved. ARM, England based company and has an important place in the processor world. Thanks to the designs and architectures it has developed, it contributes to many processor manufacturers. in the past months England and European union was also involved in the process.

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US worries about Nvidia taking full control over ARM

ARM technically, it is not a chip manufacturer, on the contrary, it provides support to other companies by making chip designs. on this type of company Nvidia The fact that a manufacturer like this has full control is met with concern. Because other chip manufacturers in the market think that Nvidia will dominate the market.

ARM with his designs apple, Samsung, AMD and provides designs to many other manufacturers. England, Nvidia and ARM launched a six-month investigation into the deal. After this investigation US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) stepped in to review the purchase.

During Nvidia’s fiscal third-quarter earnings conference call, CFO Colette Kress announced the FTC’s interest in the acquisition. But no further details were given about the FTC’s investigation. Again England and European unionThis does not bode well, given that .

Nvidia, ARM 40 billion dollars purchased, but this deal has not yet been approved. Nvidia’s ARM‘s acquisition is met with concern because, as we mentioned above, many companies rely on and use ARM’s chip designs. Therefore, already a chip manufacturer, Nvidia Having a company like ARM can be a great injustice. Concerns include offering underperforming designs to competitors and devoting a large portion of company resources to itself.

Because of these concerns Nvidia pledged to maintain ARM’s neutrality with the following statement.

Nvidia’s explanation:

“As part of Nvidia, ARM will continue to operate the open licensing model while maintaining the global customer neutrality that has been the foundation of its success, with 180 billion chips shipped to date by licensees. ARM partners will benefit from both companies’ offerings, including Nvidia’s numerous innovations.”

Despite all this, investigations continue. if Nvidia If he can do what he says and convince the institutions and organizations in the investigation, the purchase can be approved.

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