The upcoming new game for Netflix Games has been officially announced!

Netflix, one of the most famous video streaming platforms in the world, Netflix Games announced his project and attracted attention especially with the game adaptations of the TV series. With the video it released today, Netflix also announced its new game that will come to the platform: Asphalt Xtreme.

Spotify brings together Netflix’s series and movie soundtracks!

The partnership between Spotify and Netflix is ​​getting stronger. Thanks to the Netflix Hub feature, you will be able to find series and movie soundtracks on Spotify.

Netflix Games continues to evolve and expand

When the Netflix Games project was first announced, only Netflix’s series and movies were available on the platform. game adaptations was thought to happen. However, in the intervening time, games of different genres have been added to the platform. Netflix Games’ latest game is the famous mobile racing game series Asphalt. to off-road races the game directed Asphalt Xtreme it happened.

Asphalt, signed by Gameloft, one of the most famous mobile game developers in the world, is the first of the series. game Asphalt Urban GTIt has been one of the most famous racing series on mobile platforms since . Nokia’s legendary console N-Gage The series, which has been in front of the players with 20 different productions since the Java version developed for, will finally debut on the Android platform with Asphalt Nitro 2.

Asphalt Xtreme, the upcoming game of the Asphalt series for Netflix Games, is not actually a new game. Xtreme, first in 2016 Apple iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows was released for. The game, which took the Asphalt series from the streets to the dirt tracks, was mysteriously deleted from digital platforms in October 2021. As of today, with the statement made by Netflix, it became clear why the game was removed.

Netflix has agreed to offer Asphalt Xtreme exclusively to its platform. Accordingly, Xtreme, just like other Netflix Games games, in-app purchase or advertisement will meet players without hosting. The game will only be playable by Netflix members as of today.

So what do you think about this situation? Can Asphalt Xtreme contribute to the awareness of the platform? Do not forget to share your views with us in the comments section.

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