The U.S. Army Nearly Advertised Call of Duty

According to the documents published by the US military today, the army; Activision was preparing to advertise to Twitch, IGN and many broadcasters to advertise the army. However, negotiations with the company were terminated due to Activision’s harassment lawsuit.

Activision Blizzard, who was prosecuted for allegations of internal harassment and gender discrimination in the past, paying $18 million had been decided. Just when the events that happened were forgotten, a former female employee of the company was told by her manager. been abused for years filed a new lawsuit.

Today, according to some official documents that have emerged, the US military was preparing to advertise millions of dollars for Call of Duty and many esports tournaments. But Activision’s back-to-back harassment lawsuits turned those plans upside down.

The aim is to encourage young people to join the military.

According to the documents belonging to the US army and published publicly, the army advertised Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0 games to all black, Hispanic, female and other people living in the USA. Generation Z He would try to encourage US citizens to enlist in the military. Also, there are e-sports tournaments related to these games. over $1 million We see in the published documents that the investment will be made. In addition to all these advertising works, the army’s world-famous Battlefield and Call of Duty player Stonemountain64‘to $150,000 advertising deal proposed and included in the documents.

When we look at the documents, the US army’s also Xbox’s most popular game Halo’s series, WWE wrestling championshipsWe see that he allocates an advertising budget to the game news site IGN and Twitch. When we collect all these budgets, we see that the US army is only for the game industry in total. More than $4 million has been allocated it’s coming out.


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However, the U.S. military is in agreement with Activision over Activision’s harassment lawsuit. ended their conversation and to deal with them for a long time they don’t think explained. The army’s talks with other brands and publishers are still ongoing.

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