The Trend of the Latest Period “ZK” Coins Continue to Rise! This Altcoin Is The Last Rising!

Altcoin according to CoinMarketCap data Mina (MINA)its price has increased by approximately 30% in the last 24 hours. for $0.95 He started the week as one of the highest earners.

As of writing time, the price is around 0.85 dollars.

Altcoin Mina (MINA) Starts Week With Rising

Mina made her debut in October 2020 when she was rebranded from Coda Protocol to her current name. Protocol, 300 Gigabytes Bitcoin (BTC) It was known as the world’s smallest blockchain network with a total size of 22kb compared to

Since its inception, Mina has made targeted efforts to grow its ecosystem, a venture that it has now doubled down on.

While its landmark ideology to produce the most robust small-size blockchain protocol was elusive, it has achieved a number of impressive applications that have served its community.

Besides the general trend in the market, users of the Mina protocol anticipate how the advanced “ZK” applications built by the developer group will help the overall usability of the network.

Despite its promising debut in the blockchain world, Mina is the next generation that has been launched recently. Ethereum He was particularly incompetent when compared to his murderers.

There is great enthusiasm and optimism around MINA coin today, with efforts to consolidate its developer network through hackathon and programs that resemble regular meetups. These programs can help ensure solid growth throughout the ecosystem.

Mina leans strongly on the potential of zero-knowledge smart contracts as new technology that could drastically redefine blockchain usability.

With their defined efforts, there is growing confidence in the community that good rewards will be recorded in the medium and long term.

Looking at the chart, it is seen that MINA broke the resistance at $0.83 in November. It is possible that we can see bullish movements in the coming days, especially if permanence is provided on this resistance.

Of course, the market trend and new developments about MINA should be followed.

*Not investment advice.

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