The supernova explosion failed to destroy this star!

A small fraction of stars go out at the end of their lives in a supernova explosion. After this eruption, there is usually nothing but a magnificent remnant. The images transmitted by the Hubble Space Telescope were astonishing.

Supernova surviving star is now bigger and brighter

Astronomers were shocked when they pointed NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope in the direction of the thermonuclear supernova SN 2012Z. Scientists have discovered that it is a star left over from a supernova.

Astronomers have caught the mysterious darkening of the star Betelgeuse!

The giant star Betelgeuse, which went dark years ago, appeared with its images. The images were captured by a weather satellite.

There were signs that SN 2012Z was an unusual supernova explosion. A fainter and slower explosion was taking place. Some astronomers thought that the supernova could leave a black hole behind. However, it was very, very different.


In this supernova, however, the star is not completely disintegrated. It is stated that after the supernova, the star expanded and became brighter. If the explosion had enough power, this star would shatter into pieces, leaving behind bright nebulae.

Andy Howell, a professor at the University of California at Santa Barbara, made the following statement on the subject:

This star’s survival is a bit like Obi-Wan Kenobi returning as a ghost in Star Wars. Nature tried to bring this star down, but it came back stronger than we could have imagined. Still the same star, but back in a different form. He surpassed death.

Supernova explosions are not yet fully explained. Supernovas, which have so far resulted in the extinction of stars, this time caused a star to expand and become brighter. After this different experience, scientists are expected to get more ideas about supernovas.

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