The Stunning Story of the Woman Imprisoned in the Box for 7 Years

In 1977, at the age of 20, Colleen Stan was abducted by a psychopathic family and subjected to treatment that was hard to imagine for 7 years. That wasn’t the worst part, either, as the details of the case became more shocking.

Your daughter, from psychological violence and manipulation He was so brainwashed that he couldn’t escape even though he had a chance to escape. Moreover, even his family knew that he was being held in that house, but he was unaware of the sinister side of things.

The girl named Colleen Stan, whose life turned into a hell for 7 years, to learn the details of his terrifying story. if you’re ready, let’s start.

Colleen Stan had turned from a professional hitchhiker to “the girl in the box.”

Self an expert hitchhiker Colleen Stan was hitchhiking from Oregon to northern California in May 1977. She had already turned down two different cars before meeting the psycho family.

Later, a blue van stopped. There was a man, his wife and a baby in the car. Stan saw the young couple and their children. thinking it will be a safe trip got in the car. That was the first step towards the most traumatic years of his life. She would transform from a young hitchhiker to a “girl in a box.”

The psychopath family kidnapped her to fulfill their filthy fantasies.

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Shortly after Stan got into the van, Cameron veered off the road into a remote area. He held a knife to the girl’s neck and said; sticking his head in a box that covers blocked the girl’s access to sound, light, and air.

Seems like; Cameron Hooker, 23, and his wife, Janice Hooker, 19, were looking for a hitchhiker to kidnap. Working at the sawmill, Cameron’s busy schedule bondage fantasies there was. He used his wife Janice to fulfill these fantasies until he found the hitchhiker girl, but they had now found a “subject”.

The girl was only brought out of her imprisonment so that Cameron could beat and rape her.

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When they reached the end of their drive, Stan taken to a cellar under the house and he was tied to the ceiling by his wrists and subjected to various tortures such as beatings, electricity and whipping.

Initially, they had a verbal agreement that they would not engage in sexual activities with the girl. Instead, he had to watch the couple have sex. Later that agreement changed, and Cameron also committed the rape. to forms of torture started to be included.

Stan was kept in a coffin-like wooden box under the couple’s bed for about 23 hours a day. That’s where the name “girl in the box” came from.

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The couple, not realizing that Stan was taken prisoner and who doesn’t even know he lives at home they had two little daughters. The “girl in the box” was babysitting for an hour or two a day.

Despite being beaten and raped on a regular basis, Stan the worst aspects did not see them as such. What frightened him even more was the claim that Cameron was a member of an evil organization called “The Company”. He said the Company was a powerful organization that took care of him and listened to his family’s home.

The captive girl could even see her parents, but the psychopathic family’s lies so frightened her that she couldn’t even try to escape.

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More than anything, Stan feared that the Company might harm his family if he attempted an escape. Thus he succumbed to captivity and even that he is their slave had signed a contract.

Stan was gaining more freedom as he conformed to Cameron and his wishes. In addition to being allowed to work in the garden and take walks, he even visited his family. Of course, on these visits, Cameron accompanied her, and she told the girl’s family that her boyfriend he was saying.

In 1984, the 7th year of captivity, Cameron said he wanted Stan as a second wife. This drove his original wife, Janice Hooker, crazy.

Janice Hooker

Janice admitted to Stan that Cameron was not part of the Company and helped her escape. Initially, Janice was her husband’s convinced that he can be rehabilitated He asked Stan not to say anything. When he realized that his wife could not be saved, he reported her to the police.

The Hooker family and Colleen Stan now live different lives.

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Cameron Hooker was charged with sexual assault and kidnapping with a knife. At the trial, Janice testified against her husband for full immunity. Cameron was found guilty and repeatedly totaled Sentenced to 104 years in prison sentenced.

Colleen Stan has had chronic back and shoulder pain as a result of her incarceration. When she returned home, she underwent extensive therapy, eventually married and had a daughter of her own. Self, to abused women He joined an organization dedicated to helping and earned a degree in accounting.

Colleen Stan and Janice Hooker both changed their names and continued to reside in California but were barred from communicating with each other.

The poor woman describes those days as follows:

“Every time I was taken out of the box, I never knew what to expect. both physically and mentally in the dark The fear of the unknown was always with me because I stayed.”

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