The Story of Christine Chubbuck, who committed suicide on air

Bipolar disorder, a serious psychological disorder, can turn a person’s life upside down. Suffering from this disease, Christine Chubbuck chose to commit suicide because she could not bear the evils of people, on top of that, it was live! The incident that took place on July 15, 1974 was also the subject of a movie and a documentary.

Christine was presenting a 9 am program every morning on a local channel in the USA. While everything seemed fine, 8 minutes after the program started, he suddenly took out his .38 caliber pistol from under his desk, placed it behind his right ear and He pulled the trigger in front of the audience.

The show crew thought it was a professional joke. Yet it was all shockingly true. The technical team of the channel was confused about what to do first. Then the screen went black. Those who watched the broadcast immediately began to call the police and the channel.

Let’s start with Christine Chubbuck’s The suicide video is nowhere to be found. Because the images were ordered by the court at the request of his family. destroyed.

So, what was the motivation for Christine’s suicide and why did she do it live?

While pulling the trigger, Christine said, “As per Channel 40’s policy to bring you the freshest ‘blood and violence’ news, there are no other You will witness one more principle alive: Attempted suicide.‘ he had phrased.

The morning show he prepared and presented was about the violence in that region. He often featured drug addicts, alcoholics, family problems and murders. shown on television tired of the violence Christine. But one day, he would be the one who carried out the bloodiest incident witnessed in this program.

Christine had prepared her suicide plan long in advance.

suicide on air

three weeks before suicide day a program on suicide decided to do it. He received information about suicide methods from the police he visited for this program. In an interview, the police told Christine what the most effective method was: using a .38-caliber pistol to shoot herself in the back of the head instead of in the temple. Three week later in the same way Christine will commit suicide.

One week before his suicide, he told his editor, Rob Smith, that he had bought a gun and He told humorously that he was going to kill himself. but Rob Smith had just laughed.

After her suicide, the text of her own suicide report was found on the papers in Christine’s hands.

tv suicide

“TV 40 newscaster Christine Chubbuck shot herself live on a Channel 40 talk show this morning. Chubbuck, who was taken to Sarasota Memorial Hospital, remains in critical condition.”

That’s what happened. Fourteen hours later, Christine died, and the news of Christine’s death was transmitted to other news channels using the text she wrote.

The news editor was talking about him having a strange sense of humor, being witty and somewhat sharp-tongued. Even though she is 29 years old, she is a virgin. He also said that he did not hesitate to openly say that he was. A long-term romantic unsuccessful in establishing relationships And this subject bothered him too much.

Christine was known to struggle with bipolar disorder until the day she shot herself.


He never thinks he’s good at what he does, always he doubted himself Christine. He constantly criticizes himself and what he does at work, behaves extremely modestly in all matters, does not accept compliments given to him. He thought he could never adapt to anything.

Christine, who received psychiatric treatment for depression and suicidality until a few weeks before her death, He had attempted suicide before. He tried to overdose four years before his suicide, but survived. Her family spent twenty years on depression treatments so that “Chrissie could find peace,” but Christine did not see any short-term improvements. bipolar as it continued.

Christine was an intelligent woman, but her opinions were not valued.

server's suicide

They often argued with the editor-in-chief. He could not realize the innovations he wanted to make. That’s why he wanted to get rid of local television and work on national television. one day this opportunity has come; a producer from national television got two guys from Channel 40 on his channel, even though they weren’t as experienced as Christine. This greatly impressed Christine.

At the age of 13, he made up words for situations and objects that have no equivalent in English, and at the age of 16 he was a puppeteer. His interest in puppets continued until the day he died. The day before her suicide, she played puppet games with her nephew. After Christine shot herself on-air, he hid the gun inside two puppets it was understood.

Christine had actually been inside a black hole for the past year.

christine bipolar

If she does not become pregnant within two years when she goes to the doctor for pain in the groin area, she will never get pregnant again. He had learned that he could not have children. His right ovary was removed. This was devastating for Christine, who is 29 and is a virgin and not good for long-term romantic relationships.

All of this put a heavy burden on Christine’s shoulders and she killed herself in front of millions of people on live television. The editorial director constantly wants news of violence for the sake of higher ratings. It was a protest suicide. Even though Christine protested that day, nothing has changed in today’s media. Violent fetishism still continues to appear on the screens.

Rebecca Hall plays herself in the 2016 movie “Christine” about this event.

suicide movie

Rebecca Hall said of the film and Christine: “This isn’t a movie that fetishizes a dark story, but rather a heartfelt take on a person struggling to survive. not complying with the standards imposed by societyChristine, who can’t cope with the emotional tides she goes through and doesn’t know the way in her struggle with life.”

Christine Chubbuck is known as the only TV presenter to commit suicide on television.

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In the hope that the culture of violence on television will diminish…
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