The Site You Guess The Language Of The Conversations You Listen To

How good are you at understanding what language the conversations you hear are in? If you’re confident, we have a fun website suggestion for you to test your knowledge.

The subject of learning a foreign language is one of the biggest wounds in our country. Unfortunately, we have serious problems even in English, which we have been taught since primary school. But although learning to speak a language is difficult, listening to a speech and understanding what language it is it may not be that hard. Or do you think it is difficult?

If you want to test your skills in this regard or turn it into a fun game with your friends, we have a pleasant suggestion for you. ‘Ling Your Language’ A website called “Listening to different conversations” has made it a game to guess which language it is in, and it is possible to play this game at different difficulty levels.

Whether alone or with a friend:

Ling Your Language offers the opportunity to play the game with up to four people on its website. All you have to do is visit the website by clicking here and from single or multiplayer modes to choose one. If you choose to play alone, you start the game directly after choosing the difficulty level. You proceed by choosing the language that you think belongs to the speech you hear. At the end of the game, you get one point.

Even if you choose multiplayer, after choosing the difficulty, you start the competition by choosing how many people you will play the game and the speed of the game. The game is designed to proceed sequentially on a single screen. In other words, starting from the first player, the game changes its order after each selection. If you choose to play the game ‘fast’ The first to reach 100 points wins., the score to be reached in normal or long versions increases.

Ling your language

If you play the game by logging into the site, You can level up with the points you get. and you get the chance to compare with other players. The game, which includes content in more than 100 languages, also has a feature that allows you to learn about the language you encounter. There are no ads or payment options in the game. If you wish, you can support the development of the game and adding more resources by making a donation.


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While you are enjoying yourself in the ‘Easy’ and ‘Regular’ sections, In ‘Hard’ and ‘Omniglot’ options I can say that the bazaar is very confused and now you are starting to doubt everything you hear. After you enter the site and test yourself, do not forget to share the scores you have reached at different levels with us, have fun.