The Shock Depreciation of the Turkish Lira in the World Press

The week-long depreciation of the Turkish lira finally witnessed an unprecedented momentum on November 23. This increase was also covered by many press organizations around the world.

The depreciation of the Turkish Lira in recent weeks continues to be on the agenda of the whole world. But the day that shocked the Turkish lira the most was yesterday, November 23. Dollar against Turkish Lira in just a few hours Valued by 2.11. While the uncertainty in the market continues, Apple, the largest company in the world, stopped the sales of its products in Turkey. In addition, news began to come that the sales of products were stopped in different sectors.

The sudden loss of value experienced yesterday was, of course, also in the headlines of the foreign press. All local, national and international media organizations, reported the depreciation of the Turkish Lira and showed the situation with different titles. Let’s take a look at the headlines in the foreign press about the depreciation of the Turkish Lira and some of the situations that emerged as a result.

Headlines in the foreign press:

Bloomberg: Turkish lira in the longest loss of the last 20 years:

FXStreet: Turkey: And I’m free, free falling (quote from Tom Petty’s song – I’m in free fall)

Turkish lira

Reuters: Lira collapse stuns Turks, angers opposition

Turkish lira

Cointelegraph: Bitcoin hits all-time high in Turkey as fiat currency lira goes into free fall


Fortune: Turkey’s currency crash was so bad Apple suspends online sales


Haaretz: Turks can’t buy iPhone and other electronic devices after lira drop


Headline this morning – Reuters: Lira drops from record low as Turkey faces uncertainty



It is claimed that sales in many sectors such as health, furniture and e-commerce have stopped with the increase of the dollar.

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