The Secret of Turtles to Cancer-Free and Longevity Investigated

It was investigated how Galapagos Tortoises have cancer-free and longevity. It was determined that the factor that provides this in turtles is their ‘genomes’.

Turtles are featured in movies and cartoons because of their long lives. wise characters We see it reincarnated. Unless, of course, he is raced with a rabbit and his slowness is not noticed. Living long does not directly mean wisdom, of course, but turtles long lives has always been the subject of curiosity.

Various scientific studies are carried out on this from time to time. One of the most recent studies was conducted by experts from George Mason University, the University of Southern Alabama, and the University of California, led by evolutionary biologist Vincent Lynch. For research published in Genome Biology and Evolution Galapagos Tortoises scrutinized.

They have extra copies of the gene

As part of the research, Galapagos Tortoises, giant tortoises that live only on the Galapagos and Aldabra Islands today and can live for more than a century, were examined. As a result of the examinations, it has been determined that Galapagos Tortoises protect against aging-related health problems and especially cancer compared to other turtles and animals. they have extra copies of the genes understood.


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In these turtles, the damaged cells can thus become cancerous. cell self-destruct is provided. Vincent Lynch, lead author of the study, said that in the lab they were able to stress cells in ways associated with aging and see how well they resisted that stress.So it turns out that Galapagos Tortoise cells are really good at killing themselves before stress has a chance to cause diseases like cancer.‘ said Lynch. drugs can be developed told.

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