The Sandbox and Adidas Announce Their Collaboration

The Sandbox announced on Twitter that it has signed with Adidas.

On Wednesday, November 17, Adidas shared an old video on Twitter that it entered the world of NFT. NFT with adidas logo announced with

Today (November 23, 2021), The Sandbox announced that he collaborated with Adidas with a post on Twitter. reported.

According to DappRadar data, SAND price after the announcementAn increase of 41.71% was observed in the last 24 hours. At the time of news writing, SAND price rose from $3.96 to $5.64 in the 24-hour timeframe.

The Sandbox, It is an Ethereum blockchain-based metaverse product with open world features, where players can create virtual assets and buy and sell as they wish (eg: buying-selling land, building).

The Sandbox Alpha announced the launch of the upgrade version on November 16. Those who own land in The Sandbox are rewarded with Alpha Pass NFT. Players with Alpha Pass NFT will be able to experience 18 different games prepared by the Sandbox team and win NFT and up to 1000 SAND tokens as a reward. Players who do not have Alpha Pass NFT will be able to experience 3 games. Sandbox will start the Play to Earn Alpha testing phase on November 29 and will end on December 20.

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