The safest way to stay strong in the crypto markets: Hardware wallet

Although crypto markets have been mentioned frequently with various crises and fluctuations recently, users are not helpless against this. There are various measures that users can take to avoid all these fluctuations and crises and to store their assets safely.

The crisis in the crypto money markets increases the use of hardware wallets

Pascal Gauthier, CEO of Ledger, the leading secure access point among hardware wallets and storing crypto assets offline, stated that the way out of crisis periods undamaged is through the use of hardware wallets, which we know as cold wallets.

To avoid this uncertainty, users should take control of their private keys and use a cold wallet and hardware wallet to protect their assets from market fluctuations.” makes a statement.

Giant crypto platform sent $400 million to wrong account

Giant crypto platform sent $400 million to wrong account sent $400 million to the wrong account. The company, which transferred 320 thousand Ethereum to a different platform, was able to get the money back.

Although the recent fluctuations and bankruptcies in the crypto markets have created a state of distrust in the users trading in the markets, there are various measures to be taken against this situation. Against the insecurity in the markets, users can get out of the crisis periods without loss by using a hardware wallet known as a cold wallet.

Pointing out that users who cannot keep their private keys secure cannot keep their assets safe, Ledger CEO Pascal Gauthier said, “As we have seen in recent events, crypto asset platforms can stop operations, freeze transactions and set withdrawal limits on your assets. Therefore, in times of market insecurity, it would be wise for users to use a hardware wallet to securely store their private key and assets.” makes a statement.

Secure your assets with individual control

If you don’t have the security of your private keys, your assets are not yours. Specially designed to provide an offline environment for storing private keys and crypto assets and signing transactions, hardware wallets are offered to users as a more secure solution resistant to digital attacks.

Users using hardware wallets can easily transact while storing their assets on decentralized exchanges with individual control. Offline hardware wallets protect users’ data and private keys from third parties, and also act as a firewall against theft and outside tampering.

Emphasizing that the control over crypto assets is the most important concept that defines the decentralized exchange, Ledger CEO Pascal Gauthier said, “If you do not have the security of your private keys, your assets in the exchanges are not yours. So, if we are going to use crypto assets as if we put them in the bank, it doesn’t make much sense to use them.

Because users should have full control over their assets and private keys and should not relinquish control of their assets to third parties. There are certain ways to provide all this security and control, and one of them is using a hardware wallet.” makes a statement.

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