The Price of Intel’s Most Powerful Processor Has Been Announced

The price of the i9 13900KS, which is also more powerful than Intel’s most powerful processor, has been listed. If the price is right, it will take the title of being the most expensive processor ever.

As you know, Intel released the Raptor Lake flagship processor i9 13900K this year and it is currently the company’s most updated, most powerful and most expensive processor. The company’s newly introduced Intel i9 13900KS is coming to change the balances a lot.

The Intel i9 13900KS, whose price is listed on a Canadian sales site, is Intel’s most expensive processor, if the listed price is correct. It will be even more expensive than the 13900K.

Intel i9 13900KS will be 20% more expensive than 13900K

Intel Core i9 13900K, currently average in our country It has a price tag of 16,500 TLAs you know, the company does not set an official price in Turkey. If the official dollar price of the product is $589 US. If the price listed on the Canadian site is correct, then the i9 13900KS $730, which is about 20-25% more expensive (975 Canadian dollars) will be.

So if we assume that there will be a 20%-odd increase worldwide, the companies’ Intel i9 13900KS that it will put it on sale with a price tag of approximately 20,000 TL in our country. we can guess.


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But here’s the thing, the 13900KS is a CPU that’s really made to appeal to a niche audience. So if If you are not dealing with a job that requires extreme performance Buying 13900KS would be really unnecessary. What are you thinking? Please do not forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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