The Price of Intel Desktop Graphics Card Has Been Announced

Arc A380, which will be Intel’s first discrete graphics card, is available for sale on China’s e-commerce site The price of the video card was at a level that shocked everyone.

The first graphics card that will allow Intel to jump into the discrete graphics card market is finally being released after long delays and months of leaks. It will be the company’s first graphics card Arc A380is now available for sale on Chinese e-commerce giant

Especially when compared to AMD’s entry-level graphics card RX 6400, the price of the Intel Arc A380 graphics card is not at the entry level. graphics card in china From 3,999 yuan (about $490) went on sale. In terms of features and performance of the graphics card competitor models are almost 3 times cheaper.

Intel Arc A380 is available for sale at 3 times higher price than its competitor:

The graphics card offered for sale on was the model produced by Gunnir. 8 Xe cores, 1024 shader memory, 6GB of GDDR6 memory and with a memory speed of 2,450 MHz, the video card is seen as an entry level for today. However, the price of the graphics card remains at this level compared to its competitors:

  • Intel Arc A380: 490 dollars
  • AMD Radeon RX 6400: $159
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650: $149

intel arc a380

The said selling price of the graphics card naturally created controversy when compared to its competitors above. This price level is also quite far from the $150 price tag that was revealed earlier. Although it is not yet clear whether the price of the graphics card will be at this level all over the world, it is not clear that Intel maintains this price. It will not be good for the fate of the graphics card. can be said.


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