The President of the Supreme Court announced: Artificial intelligence will now decide!

Artificial intelligence continues to be included in our lives in every field. According to the latest statement made by Mehmet Akarca, President of the Supreme Court of Appeals, AI-powered Supreme Court Jurisprudence Center was established. This system, which will be trained by learning the decisions taken in the Supreme Court, will serve as a guide in writing the reasoned decisions.

Artificial intelligence Supreme Court Jurisprudence Center opened

Speaking at an event organized by the Sivas Bar Association, President of the Supreme Court Mehmet Akarca said that they will benefit from the development of artificial intelligence. Stating that they have been making reforms according to “ethical, transparency and judicial quality” standards since 2017, Akarca gave information about the Supreme Court Jurisprudence Center with artificial intelligence.

According to Sözcü, the Supreme Court Jurisprudence Center will be trained for a period of time by uploading precedent decisions to the database. These systems, which will work on the servers of the Supreme Court, will play a role in the summary and evaluation of the decisions.

ChatGPT CEO made history: Artificial intelligence will take your job!

ChatGPT CEO made history: Artificial intelligence will take your job!

OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT, made interesting predictions for artificial intelligence. He said the superintelligence model would surpass even experts.

In his statement on the subject, Akarca said, “Although the training of the system, which operates over the Supreme Court servers, is at an early stage, it has been successful in summarizing the decisions. Artificial intelligence is a system that learns and actually implements the system as data is loaded on itself.

It should be noted that the Supreme Court Jurisprudence Center is currently in the testing phase and the training process continues. However, it is expected to be operational this year after the tests are completed.

On the other hand, regulatory statements for artificial intelligence continue. Acknowledging the need for regulation on artificial intelligence, ChatGPT developer Sam Altman stated that they would support the development of guidelines on this issue.

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