“The Pigeon Going to Prostrate” Video Became the Agenda: What’s the Truth?

The image of a dove in Mecca next to a group of worshipers became a hot topic on social media. But the truth of the matter was that it was different from what was served.

An image shared on social media in the past days became the agenda in a short time. In the video, which was also brought up by local media, a pigeon is seen in a worshiping community in Mecca. head bowed forward it seemed.

Video “Dove prostrating with the congregation” and became the agenda. But The truth of the matter was completely different. The pigeon seen in the video actually had a disease caused by a virus that threatened the ecosystem around the world.

Pigeon video that went viral on social media:

So what was the real deal?

The pigeon featured in the video had a viral infection called ‘PPMV1’, ‘Avian Paramyxovirus type 1’, the family of direct source virus ‘paramyxovirus’ or ‘pigeon plague’. The virus in question is among pigeons. highly contagious and highly lethal It is known as a virus.

What is PPMV1?

PPMV1 was first discovered in Australia in 2011. While the virus has been detected in Europe and the USA to date, the virus The source point is thought to be the Middle East.

Studies conducted to date indicate that a variant of the virus emerged in the Middle East in the 1970s, and the first isolation studies were carried out in 1978. However, it is estimated that the virus then spread to Italy and North Africa, and then spread to the whole world.

The virus contains viruses that cause measles and mumps in humans.paramyxovirusIt is in the same family as ‘. The family describes viruses with ‘negative polarity’ single-stranded RNA.

What are the symptoms of PPMV1?


The virus, which is extremely deadly for pigeons, can cause the following symptoms in pigeons:

  • Nervous system anomalies such as trembling wings, twisting of the head and neck
  • Partial paralysis of the wings and legs (birds may fall during landing and may not be able to feed)
  • Unusually wet and liquid stools (diarrhea), often greenish in color
  • Silence, loss of appetite, and reluctance to move

How does the virus spread?


PPMV1 with inter-pigeon contact through indirect contact it can be transmitted. Modes of transmission are known to include:

  • Moving people from one diseased house to a different house (Clothing can be a carrier)
  • Incorrectly administered vaccines, keeping empty vaccine bottles in the poultry house, incorrect dose applications of live vaccines
  • Many other animals such as flies, mice, domestic mammals, rabbits and pest species are indirect carriers like humans

Does the virus infect humans?

PPMV1 virus, Very rarely it can infect humans. But the virus causes only moderate flu-like symptoms in humans.

Is there a cure?

against the PPMV1 virus. vaccine treatments exists. In addition, experts, especially pigeon breeders, necessary to prevent the spread of the virus. take biological and physical precautions recommends.


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