The Per-Episode Fees of the Series Players Revealed

You must have seen the names that are indispensable faces of television content in our country. Well, have you ever wondered how much income these names, who take part in many places from the television series you watch to the advertisements on the internet, earn per episode they play?

The most used mass media in our country, TV appears as. As such, the faces we see on the screens are about acting. competencywhether it’s a server or a player– it’s getting important. Since television is used so widely, the investments made in the sector and the expenditures made within the sector are also important. colossal numbers can find.

Today, the famous names we have seen on television, perhaps since we were little, with their income per department. here we are. There are many names from Serenay Sarıkaya to Hande Erçel, from Can Yaman to Kenan İmirzalıoğlu on the list compiled in the 2nd Page program with Müge and Gülşen on TV8.

Names at the top of the list: Halit Ergenç and Burak Özçivit

top of the list 250 thousand TL per episode, hence also per month exactly 1 million TL winning Halit Ergenc and Burak Ozcivit exists. Successful actors are loved not only on television but also in the internet world. The rest of the list is as follows:

  • Kivanc Tatlitug – Head of episode 200 thousand TL
  • Kenan İmirzalıoğlu – Head of episode 200 thousand TL
  • Beren Saat – Beginning of the episode 150 thousand TL
  • Fahriye Evcen – Beginning of the episode 150 thousand TL
  • Serenay Sarikaya – Head of episode 150 thousand TL
  • Cansu Dere – Top of the episode 150 thousand TL
  • Can Yaman – Beginning of episode 100 thousand TL
  • Hande Ercel – Top of the episode 100 thousand TL
  • Demet Özdemir – Top of the episode 100 thousand TL


Response to Jahrein, who is holding the ball to the mayor, who is speaking apocalypse with the citizens, came from the CHP Chairman: Action Started

Since the productions played by the actors are published in the form of 1 episode every week, you can calculate the income obtained by multiplying the said numbers by 4 for the monthly income.

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