The Origin Story of Black Friday

‘Black Friday’, which is now known as ‘Legend Friday’ in our country, has become an event that is talked about throughout November, where giant brands offer big discounts. So what is this Legendary Friday, how did it come about? Let’s take a look at its story that goes back hundreds of years.

Legendary Friday (Black Friday), as many of us now know held in the last week of November every year. a shopping event. As part of this event, many brands and e-commerce platforms organize big and small discount campaigns.

On Black Friday, which has changed over the years, some brands choose only one day, while some brands and platforms He chooses to give a discount during the month of November. After this short summary about Black Friday, which falls on November 25 this year, let’s take a look at its story.

How did Black Friday, which we started to call the Legendary Friday, come about?

Although it has a name today, the shopping culture represented by Black Friday is actually For many years it did not have a name.

It is one of the most important holidays celebrated in the USA and falls on the last week of November. ‘Thanksgiving’which also ends with Christmas and New Year celebrations in the country It was the beginning of a long period of ‘celebration’. This ‘shopping day’, which turned into an opportunity for both brands and consumers, emerged as gift-buying and shopping behaviors were on the rise in this period.

This shopping day, which falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving, has grown over the years. Turned into the busiest shopping day in the USA. The date of the day was determined by the Thanksgiving Day.

But when Thanksgiving would be celebrated in the United States was also uncertain for many years. Thanksgiving Day, which dates back to the 1600s and is celebrated as a harvest holidayFor many years, it was celebrated on November 25.

In 1789, US President George Washington declared Thursday, November 26, as Thanksgiving Day. However, in the following years, there was a lot of confusion about the date and the day. This confusion was cleared by a resolution passed by Congress in 1941, and a law was passed making Thanksgiving the fourth Thursday in November. Like this The fourth Friday of November became ‘Black Friday’.

Why was a day that had a positive impact on everyone called ‘Black Friday’? Where did the name Black Friday come from?

There are different answers to the question of where the name Black Friday came from. According to the first of these stories, black, selling businesses and A color that has positive meaning for accountants. Because accountants use black ink to indicate profit and red ink to indicate loss in their ledgers.

Ledgers filled with ‘red’ representing loss throughout the year, As it turns ‘black’ on Black Friday and is filled with profit It is said that this day is called ‘Black Friday’. However, this story is not an accepted one. At least in terms of naming the day…

The main source of the name came out on this crazy shopping day. ‘black landscape’. If those who named police officers… Police officers in Philadelphia, who worked very hard due to scenes such as the chaos, heavy traffic, and stampede in stores on Black Friday, started to call this tiring day ‘Black Friday’.

How much do brands that think that the trade will suffer from this name? Although they try to use names like ‘Big Friday’ Over the years the name has spread throughout the United States. Then around the world…

The event where the term ‘Black Friday’ was used for the first time actually has nothing to do with the ‘Black Friday’ we know.

Although it is not specifically related to the day we call ‘Legendary Friday’, the name is often used for the first time when telling the story. 24 October 1929 is also mentioned. This date is known as the beginning of the Great Depression in America.

This is the date when the term ‘Black Friday’ was used for the first time in the USA and in the world, to intervene in the gold market of two stockbrokers and to gain unfair advantage It appears as the day when the market suddenly collapsed and thousands of Americans were driven into bankruptcy after the steps they took were identified. Thursday, when the stock market crashed, is reflected in the newspaper headlines as ‘Black Thursday’ on Friday. The first day the effects are felt is Black Friday…

There have been many violent incidents and stampedes over the years on Black Friday.

We said that Black Friday was named after the cops. Nothing much has changed for the police since then. Black Friday has been an eventful day for years.

The worst Black Friday on record happened in 2008. At Walmart, one of the largest supermarket chains in the USA, the crowd who wanted to shop was crushed under it. a citizen died.

On Black Friday of 2011, a person was at a 60% discount in the tech section of Walmart in Los Angeles. Nintendo sprayed the crowd with pepper spray to buy a Wii.

In 2009, a strange event took place at Walmart, California. The crowd who came to shop got so out of hand that The store had to be guarded by the police. As in the example above, this incident took place in the technology section of the store, in the early hours of the morning. The store was closed a few hours later.

Black Friday of 2012 hosted bad events at Walmart, Florida. It’s customary during Black Friday that the crowd chasing the discount causes permanent damage to the store. But this time, only people arguing about a parking spot they shot each other.

One cannot help but be amazed by seeing the things that happen for the sake of discount. Black Friday truly is one of the best times of the year when viewed through a window and Fortunately, since shopping is now done through e-commerce platforms, Such unpleasant sights are not as often encountered.

What about Black Friday discounts in Turkey?

In the past few years in our country ‘Black Friday’ culture became widespread with the name ‘Legend Friday’. Now, many e-commerce platforms are spending different dates in November with ‘Legend Friday’ discounts.

What you can think of within the scope of these discounts Discounts are made on products in each category. As consumers, we are trying to find the products we especially need at discount in this process; We get the chance to have the products of big brands at discounted prices.

Turkcell Pasaj is one of the platforms that has achieved remarkable discounts this year.

Unlike many stores and online sales platforms Legendary Friday discount event, which started on November 14 at Turkcell Pasaj, It will continue until 23:59 on Friday, November 25th.

It will continue as part of the Opportunities Passage at Turkcell. Black Friday deals It started on November 12 and will continue until November 27. In this discount event, which will last for a total of 15 days, hundreds of products in different categories will be discounted.

Thanks to the Legendary Friday campaign, which covers hundreds of products of giant brands such as Apple, Xiaomi, Samsung, Dyson, LG, Arzum, Vestel, Braun, Fakir, Asus. We say ‘I’ll buy it if it gets a little discount’ We will be able to buy our shortcomings such as smart phones, computers and mobile phone accessories from Turkcell Pasaj.

At the same time not just for our personal technology needs Attractive opportunities for every kind of technological product you can think of for our homes will also be at Turkcell Pasaj.

Opportunities will be offered at rates that will make you say ‘discount like a discount’ on 5 big products every day.

One of the biggest criticisms of days like Black Friday in our country, the fact that discount rates sometimes do not satisfy us very much. Turkcell Passage, in addition to continuous discounts on hundreds of products, high discount on 5 big items every day It will enable us to buy with discount rates that satisfy our important needs.

During the campaign period, these big discounts will be applied every evening at 21:00. Of course, the products will be limited to stock.. Therefore, it is useful to visit Turkcell Passage without missing the clock.

It should also be added that Turkcell Passage payment facilities such as additional shopping and installment option to the invoice. offers. This makes shopping on the platform more attractive. If you have products that you want to buy and want to catch on sale, you can take a look at Turkcell Passage without wasting time.

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