The Opening of US Stock Exchanges in Negative Divergent Bitcoin is Expected!

Last week, we followed a selling trend in the US stock markets. Investors don’t want to take risks without seeing this week’s outlook. With the opening of the US markets at 16.30 in the evening, clues regarding the general course of the week will be sought.

Meanwhile, we observed that there was a dealer opening in Asia due to the Alipay news at night.

We observe that the dollar index has risen to the level of 92.800. While buyers are strong on the dollar side, we see that US futures and European stock markets are also green.

While US futures, European stock markets and the dollar were in a positive trend, we observed that Bitcoin diverged again negatively.

The reflections of the sharp decline experienced last week on the Bitcoin side continue. Fear prevails in investors who do not want to take risks due to drastic moves.

The index, which detects the fear and greed of the crypto money markets, continues to stay in the fear zone with 44 points. With the update in the index after today’s decline, we can see that the level of fear has increased.

At this point, investors will need to closely follow the opening in the US indices. If there is a buyer opening in the US indices, we can see that the risk appetite has increased in Bitcoin.

Fluctuations are expected in the markets before the inflation data tomorrow. Our short-term support level in Bitcoin appears to be $43870.

*Not Investment Advice.

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