The Number of Vehicles Without ‘Mandatory’ Traffic Insurance Has Been Determined

It was investigated how many vehicles in Turkey do not have compulsory traffic insurance. The research has revealed very striking results. So much so that almost 1 out of every 5 vehicles does not have compulsory traffic insurance. Motorcycles are the vehicles that are most avoided to have insurance.

An important research was conducted on 25 million vehicles registered to traffic in Turkey. Studies have shown how many of these vehicles No compulsory traffic insurance was revealing. The research revealed a rather striking result. registered to traffic 5.1 million vehicles It was understood that there was no compulsory traffic insurance. Let’s take a closer look at these stunning results together.

The state makes traffic insurance compulsory. It is not legally a ‘preference’ whether to have it done or not. As a matter of fact, this is quite the right move. Because, with compulsory traffic insurance, both parties are responsible for a possible traffic accident. the right is protected. In this way, material damage, injury or death caused by damage is met. However, it seems that citizens do not care that much about compulsory traffic insurance.

Motorcycle owners are among the groups that do not care about traffic insurance.

As a result of the researches, it has been determined that the vehicle group that does not care about compulsory traffic insurance the most. motorcycles it turned out to be. Because while there are 3 million 919 thousand 99 motorcycles registered, these 2 million 568 thousand 547 of them There is no compulsory motor insurance. Let’s take a closer look at all the categories.

  • Motorcycle: 2 million 568 thousand 547 (Number of registered vehicles 3 million 919 thousand 99)
  • Tractor: 848 thousand 273 (Number of registered vehicles 2 million 54 thousand 920)
  • Car: 905 thousand 382 (The number of registered vehicles is 14 million)

Thus; 25 million 731 thousand 750 vehicles registered to traffic in Turkey, 5 million 152 thousand 150 of them We can say that there is no compulsory traffic insurance. According to researchers, the number one reason for not having compulsory traffic insurance is insufficient inspections. Especially with 41.28 percent Tractors without traffic insurance are generally not seen on the roads and are not inspected. In cars that are subject to frequent traffic inspections 6.48 percentThe uninsured rate of ‘ is the clearest indicator of this…,

The province where insurance is most important is Trabzon.

The studies carried out also gave results on the basis of cities. In this context; Trabzon was the province where compulsory traffic insurance was given the most importance. Because 90 percent of the vehicles registered to traffic in the city were insured. The province with the lowest insurance rate is Sanliurfa was recorded as.

  • Trabzon: 9.63 percent of 224 thousand 576 vehicles are uninsured.
  • Istanbul: 12.11 percent of 4 million 800 thousand 745 vehicles are uninsured.
  • Ankara: 10.54 percent of 2 million 329 thousand 317 vehicles are uninsured.
  • Izmir: 21.37 percent of 1 million 607 thousand 581 vehicles are uninsured.
  • Sanliurfa: 39.74 percent of 267 thousand 328 vehicles are uninsured.

Of the 16 billion liras paid by insurance companies, 10 billion was spent on spare parts and labor.

Insurance industry over the past year 16 billion pounds paid traffic accident compensation. 10 billion lira of this money was spent on spare parts and labor. Compensation paid to persons injured as a result of the accident is only 6 billion TL was.

20 billion TL has been collected so far in 2022

The research has been done for vehicles that have compulsory traffic insurance in the first 8 months of 2022. 20 billion 498 million 456 thousand liras showed that he had gathered. This means that premiums increase. For example, while 651 lira premium was produced per vehicle in 2020, 707 lira premium was produced in 2021 and 1,430 lira in 2022.


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