The new Xbox app gets the feature of Steam

Microsoft has released a new Xbox app for Windows that has greatly improved the process of installing games from the Windows store. The updated application allows PC gamers to install game files in any folder of their choice with unlimited access.

This innovation will be an option to help fix many of the problems created by installing games from Xbox Game Pass for PC. It also includes the innovations of backing up game files and restoring them if necessary. Previously, Microsoft had games in a root of a drive. WindowsApps it installs to the folder and it was locking that folder.

Instagram chose Turkey for its new feature!

Social media platform Instagram has started testing the ability to add music to streaming posts in Turkey.

Game setups made easy with Xbox app for PC

Updated Xbox app it now lets you choose a location and if you have existing games installed you can move them to secondary drives. We tested the app and Forza Horizon 5 We were able to successfully move the game to the second drive. Now we have full access to these files and folders as well.

Windows 10 and Windows 11 users, can test the new Xbox app through the Xbox Insider Hub app in the store. To get the updated Xbox app Xbox Insider Hub You need to join the “Windows Gaming” preview in the app.

Also, you cannot add games downloaded from the Windows store to Steam. Because there is a permission problem that prevents this. The Xbox app is still in preview, so it may be a bug that will be fixed before it’s widely available.

With this innovation from Microsoft, Windows store game downloads are finally getting Steam-like for PC users after years of problems and bugs. If you’ve been avoiding Xbox Game Pass for PC because of the Windows store, this new Xbox app will take away some of the headaches involved.

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