The new PS Plus is available in Turkey! Here are the prices

announced last month Game Pass rival PS Plus was a medicine for those who were worried about game prices. Shortly after its announcement, the new PS Plus system, which we shared the news about the game catalog and prices, was finally put into use in our country. We have listed the pricing and features of the service.

The new system, which rivals Game Pass on the Xbox platform, is available with a single monthly subscription. Up to 700 games It gives you access at no additional cost. Considering its price, the service, which is very useful for our country’s players, is worth giving a chance to PlayStation users.

Discount wave on PlayStation Store! Here are the highlights

PS Store, which offers bulk discounts in some periods of the year, has also started to offer great deals with Midsummer Discounts.

The new PS Plus is in Turkey with its competitive features

A little different from Game Pass on Xbox, there are three different packages available in this system. These three packages, which are divided into Essential, Extra and Deluxe, offer different features at different prices. If we briefly compare these packages, we can make the following comments:

  • Essential: It features the old PS Plus. Legacy perks like two game giveaways per month and multiplayer.
  • Extra: Access to the game catalog and benefits in Essential.
  • Deluxe: Access to the classic catalog and game help, in addition to access to Essential and Extra features.

When examining these details, we can see that the difference is the game catalogs and game help. To start small, the game help is a system that tells you how to pass the level with a video by clicking a few buttons when you cannot pass the levels in the game. We can compare this to the ‘how to pass chapter x’ videos on YouTube. It’s not a huge advantage, but the kind we need sometimes.

The game catalog is about 500 games brought by Plus, while the classic game catalog adds more games. The classic catalog includes the most popular games ever released on PlayStation. While the main game catalog is larger, the Deluxe package is a better choice for those who want to play PlayStation classics as well.

You can review the game catalogs with hundreds of games from A to Z here. But keep in mind that these games are not permanent on the service. For example, Fallout 4 is available this month, but it may be removed from service in a few months. New games will be added to the service from time to time and some games will be removed. It is good to be prepared for this situation.

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