The new movie of the director of Miracle in the 7th Ward has been released on Netflix!

7. Miracle in Ward famous for his movie Mehmet Ada Oztekin‘s next project, love me so muchmet his audience. Netflix The production, which started its broadcasting life on the internet, has the potential to achieve important works on a global scale. Especially 7. Miracle in Ward The expectations for the new film of the director, who entered the world agenda with his film, are also quite high.

She will appear before her audience in the drama category. love me so muchalso attracts attention with its star-studded staff. The production, which is now presented to the audience, seems to make a name for itself with the social issues it touches.

Netflix has announced how many views the Squid Game series has been watched!

Netflix has announced how long the Squid Game series has been watched. The popular series made a smack with its success.

Love Me Much is released on Netflix

The movie, which starts with a father’s desire to visit his daughter from prison, brings important surprises. The father to whom what happened to him on this road is conveyed. (Moses), Sarp Akkaya enlivens. in the movie Sarp AkkayaIn addition to Ercan Kesal, Songül Öden, Aleyna Özgeçen, Füsun Demirel, Sinan Arslan, Ali Seçkiner Alici There are names such as It has also become legendary with the Hababam Class series. Munir Ozkul‘s daughter Guner Ozkul in love me so muchIt awaits its audience in the cast of .

Netflix The storyline of the production, whose general outlines are also shared, will be as follows:

On the one hand, he works as a guard in Konya Closed Prison. Sadat, on the other hand, in prison in the same prison Moses. One day SadatTwo men with the new assignment given to MosesThey take Musa out of prison for a day and go to Musa’s village to visit his daughter. Moses For the first time in 14 years, he meets his daughter, Yonca, who sees his ex-wife, mother and himself as strangers.

Even though father and daughter are strangers to each other for a day 14 years They have a great time like never before. But MosesThere is a situation that disturbs . , there is something wrong, a feeling.. His mother, who has Alzheimer’s, comes to him at night and suddenly explains the painful truths that will hit him in the deepest part, as if he had never been sick. Clover is not her real daughter, her daughter was killed. Moses‘s needs to go back to prison, but he has to find out what happened to his daughter, no matter how much it hurts.

– Netflix Media Center

love me so much

What do you think about Sev Beni Çok Sev, which has now started broadcasting? Will the movie be popular worldwide, just like Miracle in Ward 7? Do not forget to share your views with us.

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