The Name Who Knows The Last Crash of Gold Price: 2nd Bottom! In front of us…

Gold and Money Markets Specialist İslam Memiş continues to convey his thoughts on gold. The expert, who correctly predicted that gold, which rose to 1,000 liras in the last weeks of 2021, will decline, thinks that the precious metal market will be very active in the coming period. We are giving the details as…

Islam Memiş expects active days for gold

Islam Memiş said that he thinks 2021 will be a year in which panic sellers and traders make losses. He also thinks that the comments “that those who buy dollars from 17-18 liras will wait 3-4 months” will be invalid. The expert states that those who buy from that area will not wait that long, those who buy dollars for 15 liras or those who buy grams of gold from 1,000 liras will “wait and see for 2 months”.

Estimating that gram gold will reach 1,450 liras in the past days, Memiş said that 1,450 liras will be worth “2nd Lira” upon criticism of this prediction. He emphasized that “after the bottom” will be seen and that this is not fully understood. He also warned that those who are keen on making money by trading will “lose”. The expert, repeating his predictions in a post he made recently, said that he thinks that gram gold will reach 1,450 liras and gram silver will reach 20 liras in 2022. He underlined that he will follow these figures as the peak level. He noted that short-term investments can lose.

Finally, İslam Memiş stated that we will see the effects of fluctuations in the markets in the coming days and drew attention to the CBRT’s interest rate decision on 20 January and the Fed’s statements on 25 January. The CBRT’s interest rate decision will be announced today at 14.00. You can follow us for details.

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