The Mystery of Spells in the Ancient Egyptian “Book of the Dead”

The “Book of the Dead”, according to the Egyptians, ensures that the dead continue to live in the underworld. The Egyptians buried several of the texts that made up this book with the dead. Let’s delve into the depths of this book, which contains mysterious secrets, to open the door to life after death.

This book became popular in Egypt during the New Kingdom (1550 BC – 1070 BC). The chapters in the book mostly contain information about people and various spells. In fact, every spell in the book is unique to Egypt. using colloquial words has drawn the attention of researchers.

Another interesting thing is that the book in each tomb is different from the other. So all the copies that make up this book are different and mysterious spells contains. So what exactly do these spells mean?

In fact, spells have only one purpose: to make the dead go to the other world as a supreme spirit.

According to Egyptology professor Barry Kemp, these texts helped Egyptians prepare for life after death. Whoever the spells in this book were written for, according to the belief, that person can successfully live in the underworld forever. In fact, one of the main spells in this book is the Sun god, one of the best-known Egyptian gods. Explaining the importance of Ra The spell is 17.

Book of the Dead – Spell 17

Some chapters in this book also describe what one may encounter in the next world. For example, according to the book, a person should know that he will give an account of the outcome of his actions on earth to Maat, before going to the other realm, and should be prepared accordingly. Another point that draws attention in these texts is that spells are not gender specific. Spells for both men and women same messages Let’s say it gives.

The Book of the Dead is a guide for the living to understand death.

Egyptian Book of the Dead

In other words, this book has a calming function against the fear of death. In addition, I can say that the book allows people to have a foresight about what death is like while they are living, and to take precautions accordingly. In fact, the understanding of the mummification of bodies in Egypt has the same purpose as the writing of these spells. All of these people control their life after death It’s about what they want to do.

In addition, researchers have found that these spells are not only after death, but also after death. while living means used. Egyptologists state that there are magics and rites in the content of spells to have transcendent/sublime experiences beyond daily life. Most spells even have instructions on how to use them in the world. I think this means that people use the rituals written in these texts in their daily routines, and death is no longer a worrying situation for these people and becomes a normal part of daily life.

Book of the Dead Magic

Researchers have found that these from the desire to attain divine power He also thinks he was born. To give another interesting information about this book; that not all spells were written on manuscripts, but some were written on mummy bandages and tomb walls. Even Tutankhamun’s (one of the Egyptian pharaohs) gold death masks are said to have been spelled.

Exploring the mysterious aspects of Egypt, those related to the subject It gets more and more exciting every day. The fact that a different mystery about Egypt is constantly coming to light makes this civilization very interesting. You do not think so?

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