The Mushroom That Makes the Whole Village of 300 People “Mad”

We take a closer look at the Pont Saint Esprit incident, which is often associated with the CIA but was actually caused by a poisonous mushroom.

Especially with The Last of Us, a lot of people “Can zombie fungi such as Cordyceps infect humans?‘ began to ask the question of whether this zombie fungus can infect humans. scientific research we shared with you. However, there is such a mushroom that its village of 300 people managed to drive me crazy in just a few days.

In this strange event that took place in the French village of Pont-Saint-Esprit (now a town, but then a small village) in 1951, people did not turn into zombies, but permanently lost their sanity. Moreover, you can easily encounter the fungus that caused all these even today. You may even have consumed this mushroom without realizing it.

Village people of 300 went crazy because they ate bread

The people of this small village woke up mad in the morning. The villagers, who at first showed typical symptoms of food poisoning, soon turned out to be under the influence of hallucinations. According to eyewitnesses, an 11-year-old boy tried to strangle his grandmother; some villagers He began to think of himself as dead or dragon.

even in them there were even those who fought imaginary monsters. Even the dogs and ducks in the village were under the influence of this bread. Of course, when almost the whole village was like this, the attention of doctors and researchers immediately turned to the village, 250 villagers began to be examined. It was determined that advanced mental illness started in 50 of the patients examined and these people were confined to a mental hospital.

Of course, with the increase in complaints, the doctors made detailed researches in the village and around the village. that the village radiates from the bakery Has detected. Villagers who ate little bread only made physical complaints, while those who ate too much bread completely lost their mental health.

The ‘ergot mushroom’ drove the whole village crazy

Ergot mushroom mixed with grains

About 3 months after the event British Medical JourneyIn an article shared in . due to ergot fungus It was declared that the villagers had gone mad. Ergot fungus usually contaminates and lives on grain products such as wheat, barley, rye and oats, “poisons” these grain products, and ergotism (popularly speaking) in individuals who consume grain products. devil’s fire It causes a disease called

Typical symptoms of food poisoning such as nausea, loss of appetite, diarrhea and physical aches, as well as severe hallucinations and extending to the loss of mental health This fungus, which also causes mental diseases, was one of the diseases that could not be cured at that time.

in public “cursed bread” It was claimed that the whole village was poisoned because the baker Roch Briand, who produced the mushroom breads that came to be known as the rye, could not realize that the rye used in the breads had mushrooms, and the subject was closed. However, later on, these hallucinations and delusions continued and very different claims were made.

Is the CIA behind it?

Two years after the events, one of the villagers, who was poisoned by the mushroom but in good health, is in the village square. committed suicide and cursed bread theories began to be talked about again.

Some researchers claimed that the drinking water of the village may have been poisoned as well as the bread and suggested that it should be investigated. However, after this incident heard all over France and Europe, citizens claimed that it was a CIA experiment and He claimed that the CIA mixed the hallucinogenic drug LSD into the bread.. Some researchers also supported this conspiracy theory and argued that processed ergot mushrooms could not be so hallucinogenic.

Of course, after this point There have been many ridiculous claims made. Some citizens even claimed that it could be alien experiments, but the theories were mainly based on the CIA experiment and the Ergot mushroom.

This conspiracy theory, which reached the ears of CIA officials, denied by the CIA however, with the attempt to cover up the event later on, this event turned into a CIA conspiracy theory and legend.

Almost 60 years after this strange event, in 2010, a French journalist, Freedom of Information Act Among the publicly shared CIA files due to the (freedom of information) law, the government Claimed to have found evidence of LSD experiments held in France and by revealing the so-called negotiations of a pharmaceutical company with the CIA in 1950, he wanted to bring the case back to the agenda. However, neither the CIA files that the journalist claimed to have found nor the conversations with the aforementioned pharmaceutical company were real.

The subject of The Last of Us game and series Cordyceps mushroom On the contrary, Ergot fungus can be transmitted to people through all kinds of grain products and depending on the amount of consumption, it can go from simple food poisoning to death. It’s not possible for you to go crazy..

If it is a regular and long-term consumption, you can lose your sanity like the villagers of Pont-Saint-Esprit. Fortunately, today, grain producers regularly spray to protect them from these fungi, and companies that produce flour and similar foods from grain products are against all grain fungi, especially ergot. has taken measures.


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