The most watched TV series in Turkey have been announced!

Many digital streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney+ and Prime Video provide service in our country. The result is thousands of content that can be watched. So, what are the most watched TV series on all platforms in Turkey?

The Last of Us became the most watched TV series in Turkey!

Bringing TV series and movies together, JustWatch lists the most watched productions on all digital streaming platforms in Turkey. These contents include both domestic and foreign TV series and movies.

According to data shared by JustWatch, the most watched TV series in Turkey is The Last of Us, adapted from the video game of the same name. Hammer and Rose: A Behzat Ç. It has a story.

The Last of Us season 2 has been confirmed!

The Last of Us season 2 has been confirmed!

The Last of Us season 2 has been confirmed. A statement was made by the producer of the series and HBO Max. Here are the details…

The most watched TV series in Turkey are as follows;

Desk Soap opera Platform
one What’s Left of Us (The Last of Us) BluTV
2 The Hammer and the Rose: A Behzat Ç. Story BluTV
3 Westworld BluTV
4 Wednesday Netflix
5 Rise of Empires: Ottoman Netflix
6 the Walking Dead Netflix, Disney+
7 Kaleidoscope Netflix
8 The Peripheral Prime Video
9 Hot Head Netflix
10 Mad Men Prime Video
11th True Detective BluTV
12 Office Prime Video
13 Better Call Saul Netflix
14 Alice in Borderland Netflix
15 Game of Thrones (2011) BluTV
16 Family Guy Disney+
17 Star Wars: Andor Disney+
18 Breaking Bad Netflix
19 Rick and Morty Netflix
20 Jack Ryan by Tom Clancy Prime Video
21 The Boys Prime Video
22 island Prime Video
23 Bleach Disney+
24 Vinland Saga Netflix
25 The Sopranos BluTV
26 Brooklyn Nine-Nine Netflix
27 sherlock Prime Video
28 The Bear Disney+
29 Behzat C. An Ankara Crime BluTV, puhutv
30 Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power Prime Video
31 cold case Prime Video
32 Platform Prime Video
33 The Witcher: Blood Origin Netflix
34 mindhunter Netflix
35 community Netflix
36 How I Met Your Mother Disney+
37 Chernobyl BluTV
38 Euphoria BluTV
39 BigBet Disney+
40 1899 Netflix

So what do you think about the most watched TV series in Turkey? You can share your views with us in the Comments section below.

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