The Most Successful Women Over 50 Announced: 2 Turks on the List

Forbes has released its “50 Over 50” list, which lists the most successful women worldwide aged 50 and over. Gamze Cizreli and Gülden Türktan were the two Turkish names on the list.

Forbes, one of the most popular business magazines, “50 Over 50“. This list brought together the most successful women over the age of 50 in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. There were two names on the list that would attract the attention of Turkey. Gamze Cizreli and Gülden Türktan managed to be included in the 50 Over 50 list.

50 Over 50, quite an extensive list. The list includes scientists, politicians, business leaders and founders. When we look at the Turks who managed to enter the list, Gamze CizreliWe witness that they are in 50 Over 50 with the restaurants managed by Gülden Türktan and the economic policies developed by Gülden Türktan. By the way, let’s point out that the names on the list are not in any order.

Who is Gamze Cizreli?

*Gamze Cizreli.

BigChefs Gamze Cizreli, who is the founder of restaurant chains named “50 Over 50”, is described as follows:

Cizreli, one of Turkey’s leading restaurant entrepreneurs, operates 69 restaurants in 12 provinces of Turkey, 3 cities in the United Arab Emirates and also operates in Saudi Arabia, Germany, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Kuwait. Runs BigChefs. Cizreli has previously managed coffee shop business Cafemiz, a pastry and bakery startup Kuki House, and a Far Eastern cuisine business Quick China. Taking a bank loan He founded BigChefs Cafe & Brasserie in 2007. Today, more than 3,500 workers work at the enterprise. Cizreli, who has more than 130 thousand Instagram followers, is on the boards of Kagider, Turkish Women Entrepreneurs Association and Turkish Restaurants and Entertainment Association.

Who is Gülden Türktan?

Gulden Turktan

*From Gulden Turk.

Bringing together the world’s largest economy G20Gülden Türktan, one of the founders of W20 (Women 20), the version of .

Gülden Türktan has a mission to support economic growth and gender-based trade for all G20 countries. G20’s women-focused outreach group W20-Women 20Turktan, the founding president of , regularly speaks about public policy issues and regulations regarding women. based in Istanbul policy leaderalso helped create ZEE, an equal opportunity program for women in the workplace.

Our readers who want to examine all the names on the list here can use the link.

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