The most popular software languages ​​of 2022 have been announced!


As the world of software grows with each passing day, the technologies used are also changing. The latest report prepared by Stack Overflow, which has become popular on computer programming, is The most popular software languages ​​of 2022 revealed. Here are the most popular and money-saving technologies.

Which has become the most popular programming language?

Stack Overflow’s annual survey of more than 70,000 developers has been published. Many questions have been answered, from the most popular software language to the most money-making technologies. JavaScript, managed to become the most popular programming language of 2022. Right behind it -even though it’s not a software language- HTML/CSS showed up.

HTML/CSS, Javascript and Python, most popular languages ​​among learners to code stands out as. People learning to code are more intrigued by their orientation to Python, C++, and C than professional developers.


The malware that threatened millions of people is back!

The malware that threatened millions of people is back!

The malware Glupteba, which Google managed to take offline about a year ago, is back.

Most paying programming language It was Clojure. According to Stack Overflow’s report, the average salary for Clojure developers is around $107,000. Right behind it is Erlang with $103,000 and F# with $95K.

Most popular technologies (2022)

  1. JavaScript
  3. SQL
  4. Python
  5. TypeScript
  6. Java
  7. bash/shell
  8. C#
  9. C++
  10. PHP

Top paying technologies (2022)

  1. Clojure – $106,644
  2. Erlang – $103,000
  3. F# – $95,526
  4. LISP – $95k
  5. Ruby – $93k
revil ransomware

to software Blockchain and Web3 was also asked. Developers don’t have a consensus on blockchain, crypto and Web3. According to the research, 32 percent said they were positive, 31 percent said they were negative, and 26 percent said they were undecided.

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