The Most Misspelled Brands on Google Revealed

Statista has released a chart based on’s research of which brands are most mis-searched on Google. According to the result, the most misspelled brand was the South Korean automotive company Hyundai. There are some surprising names on the list as well.

There are such brands in the world that two days pass without hearing their name. Although learning the pronunciation of these brands is not that much of a problem, it may take some time to learn the correct spellings. Because all of them are brands created in different countries and their names are taken from different languages, and of course, it is not possible for everyone to know the word structure of every language.

While reading the first part, you may have thought of a brand that you always confused with its spelling. So, with which names is the rest of the world in trouble the most? statista The data shared by the company reveals the world’s most searched brands and how people often type those names.

The most misspelled brands:’s research department stats the world’s most misspelled names. The research, conducted with data from Google, also revealed how many times a month these names are misspelled and in what ways. South Korean automotive company Hyundai was at the top of the chart. 605 thousand wrong searches per month The most common variations of the name were “Hundai” and “Hiundai”.

In second place was the Italian automaker Lamborghini. Name in the month 365 thousand misspelled once, the company was most often called “Lamborgini” and “Lambogini” after its original name. The name of Ferrari, which is also an Italian automobile manufacturer, was searched as “Ferari” 123,000 times a month.

Hennessy, the cognac brand whose name we hear in almost every rap song, took fourth place. The most common misuse of the brand, which is searched incorrectly about 95,000 times a month, was “Henesy, Hennesy, Henessy”. If the beer brand is Heineken Searched for “Heinken” 90 thousand times a month.

Gillette, the US brand known mostly for the production of razor blades, took the sixth place. Gillette was searched 82,000 times a month by typing binary letters just like Hennessy. The last car brand on the list was Suzuki, the Japanese brand that was searched for 78 thousand times a month with names such as “Suzki, Susuki”.


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Häagen-Dazs, the well-established ice cream brand of the USA, was the eighth most searched brand on Google with misspellings. The most surprising member of the list Häagen-Dazs, which is one of the biggest names in the world, is mentioned with names such as “Haagen Daz, Haagen Dasz, Haagen Das, Haagen Daaz” 59 thousand times a month.

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