The Most Interesting Application Launched Against Global Warming

Authorities continue to take steps to find a solution to global warming, which is becoming a big problem for the world day by day. Authorities in Nevada, USA, signed an interesting regulation to combat this situation and demanded the ban on decorative grass in the city.

With each passing day, we are dragging our planet to the worse. Despite the warnings and red alerts by scientists and researchers, we are not trying to save the Earth from this plight, or even make it worse. Global warming Our planet is suffering because of many problems such as forest fires and water conflict.

global warming and climate change causing water scarcity. Considering the rate of outdoor water use, the most water is landscaping. lawns The authorities, who said that it was used for interesting a proposal presented to parliament.

Grasses will be replaced by trees irrigated with a drip system.

Southern Nevada Water Authority The board of directors uses water the most against global warming and climate change. banning decorative grass petitioned the Nevada legislature. Grasses are not drought tolerant like cactus and trees and 4 times more water The board of directors stated that there is a so-called dysfunctional grass area of ​​approximately 21 square kilometers on which no one walks in Nevada.

The removal of these greens, which only have a visual function, is approximately equal to the amount of water per person per day. 53 liters savings Stating that it would provide After this arrangement requested last year, approximately 1219 square kilometers of grass gathered. It is expected that these unnecessary grasses will be completely removed from now on, and trees and plants irrigated with the drip system will take place instead.


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Congress, clean energy and more, and for Nevada it means more than just picking the grass.

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